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Happy New Year!!!

Can’t believe it’s 2016 already!

I’ve already got a few things I’ve set to do for this year, and one of them is this – KAGE.

And that’s pronounced as Ka-geh, not ‘cage’ 😛

It’s gonna be my series of vocalisms – more videos of me just jamming away and singing random stuff, covers, and originals. It’s not gonna be anything posh, since I hardly have time to record videos, what more to make them posh. LOL.

Here’s the first one! A cover of one of my favourite Chinese classics! 千言万语 (Qian Yan Wan Yu).



Why Kage?

I’ve been producing and will continue to produce a series of Vlogs where I’ll be dropping my updates, vocal tips, fun stuff & etc, which is quite varied. But I realise there are some of you who particularly love to check out just the singing stuff – the covers or the originals. So, to make it easier, I thought I’d group them altogether under Kage instead 🙂

If you’re wondering where this ‘Ka-geh’ came from, it’s inspired by one of my favourite Japanese anime, Naruto!

For a full explanation on what Kage is, check this out: http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Kage

Are you a Naruto anime fan too? Ironically, Naruto’s not my favourite character – I like the 9 tails, but I generally prefer the Uchihas, particularly Itachi…so much so that I dressed as him for our last Christmas costume party 😛

Anyways, be a Kage this year, a powerful ninja! Haha…have a fantastic 2016!


naruto itachi cosplay 1266317_10153611004044300_1082232746159189981_o 12377767_10153609171874300_6308579198824844064_o











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千言万语 (Cover) – A start to my new series, Kage!