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Last week I dropped you tips on how to increase your vocal range so that you can sing those low and high notes easily.

However, I understand that maybe your new year’s resolution for your vocals may not be geared so much towards singing, but more so to speaking. So I thought I’d drop you a quick vocal tip on how to make a better first impression the moment you open your mouth and speak. How so? You can sound more confident, more certain about what you’re saying and more trustworthy – this happens when we use the rising and falling intonation.

A lot of people make the mistake of using the rising intonation at the end of their sentences when they introduce themselves – this immediately makes them sound unsure or unconfident or unfinished. Check out the video for the examples.

If you end your sentences with a rising and then a falling intonation instead, it can immediately make you sound more confident and certain about what you’re saying, and more trustworthy. Of course, needless to say, this does not apply to questions, which have to end with rising intonations. Make sure you watch the video for the examples.

If you find this hard to remember, the next time you wanna apply this, just think, “Bond. James Bond.”

The same principle of rising and falling intonation is used. Though the first “Bond” is simply said with the falling intonation.



Ending the sentence with a falling intonation is what makes the sentence sounds conclusive and certain. If a rising intonation is used just before the falling intonation as in “James Bond” above, the emphasis becomes even better 😀 Sentences that end with a rising intonation often sound unconfident, or like you’re asking a question or what you have to say is unfinished.

So try that with your own name and along with all the other sentences that you’d normally like to say to someone, the next time 😉

Of course, there are many other ways to enhance/improve your skills in public speaking (this is but a tiny vocal tip), and I’ll be sharing more of that in my upcoming masterclass session, PowerTalk, on 20th February 2015.

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