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As promised, today’s vlog is on “Interval Recognition”.

Being able to recognise intervals (identifying the patterns between notes, or the differences between notes) is as important as being able to pitch notes in singing, after all. Simply because singing isn’t all about singing and sustaining that one note, but singing quite a number of notes one after the other! ūüėČ

Now, how can we get better at recognising intervals? Or recognising musical patterns?

The typical way would be to expose yourself to more musical patterns by listening to all types of music with all sorts of melodies, rhythms and tempo.

If you are already doing this but somehow you still find it hard to figure out the pitch or musical pattern (and end up singing out of pitch) Рhere is a simple thing you can try out to train your ears to do that.

We’ll start simple – by learning how to recognise simple major intervals for a start! We’re gonna practice recognising intervals!

Check out the video to learn the trick to recognising intervals quickly – it really isn’t hard. And I’ll spell it out for you here.

  1. First, you need to play out the interval (those two notes) and listen to it a couple of times. Sing it as well to memorise the relationship between these two notes (how far or how near they are to each other).
  2. Attach a song/melody you already know to that interval, one of which starts with that interval. For example, I would attach the “Star Wars” theme for the Major 3rd, because the first two notes in the Star Wars theme actually uses that the first and the third note, as in the Major 3rd.
  3. Sing the song/melody that you have for that interval and repeat it a few times, just to drill it into your memory, that whenever you hear to notes that sound like “Star Wars”, no matter what key you start with, the interval between those two notes would be a Major 3rd. It’s that easy.
  4. Repeat the steps above with the other Major intervals. You can then try other types of intervals from there on.

In the video, I’ll be walking you through exactly how you can do all of that. Learn how to recognise the Maj 3rd, 5th & 7th very quickly!

Once you learn how to recognise even more intervals, you can turn this into a vocal game. Get someone to play the intervals on the keyboard (two notes, one after the other) and test your hearing ability, your ability to identify what intervals they are! This can be pretty amusing at a party, especially if everyone’s tipsy and your hearing is still spot on, despite whatever intervals they are playing! LOL.

However, if for some reason you’re too shy to play this game with someone, you can always just download the “Better Ears” app onto your phone – you can train and test yourself with that app. Check it out in my last Vlog, “3 Great Music Apps for Singers, Songwriters & Musicians“, if you haven’t already seen it.

Do note,¬†this is just a simple way to begin training your ears, and if you want to take this further, join our Pitching & Tempo Vocal Course ūüėČ

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A Simple Way To Train Your Musical Ears! (Vlog)