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I’d like to say 3 nights of standing ovations, but no.

Literally 3 nights of me standing is more like it! LOL.

I’ve gotten a little quiet last week on my blog as I’ve been travelling yet again, for work.

This time to emcee a series of events that were taking place 3 consecutive nights. It was a lot of fun, but also a lot or preparation – I had to emcee in Malay & English, when I normally only emcee in English. I also had to sing Malay, English & Chinese songs…so memorising lyrics and pronunciation wasn’t all that easy.

All that, while so much other things were going on! :/

That said, it was more fun than I expected – the team committee were super sporting, hospitable and great to work with. And the sound team, very professional – sound check was done quickly and well, and settings were set as planned without any unexpected changes. As for the acts/artistes involved, they too were easy to work with – Magician Jefferado & Wan Rul Magic Puppets.

The first night, I stood all night as I kept my eyes on the stage whenever I wasn’t hosting. I was driving the whole event, and had to make sure I was on the ball and everything on the agenda was going as planned. I didn’t feel much while standing on my heels throughout the 4 hours of standing straight. It was only after all the whole event that I started to feel my back aching tremendously. My lower back in particular, was in so much pain!

Best Malaysian Emcee

A red dress for the red carpet ūüėõ


WD Glam Night

With the employees of WD Media on the third night…


Thankfully, this was somewhat remedied the next day when I went for a body massage. When the masseuse pressed my back, I could hear what sounded like 5 of my intervertebral discs on my spine cracking! A little frightening, but what satisfaction. Even the masseuse was shocked by the amount of cracks. LOL.

I spent the rest of the day just relaxing and resting my back, and was smarter the second night – I took a seat whenever I could in between hosting the event. I guess standing for hours without any rest, what more on heels, is really hard on the back – lesson learnt!

What I loved about my work trip this time around is the people I met and worked with. Besides the ones I’ve already mentioned, Sandra & Raymond (who got me involved in these series of events) were a¬†happy-go-lucky couple that made the job easy. They were also very sweet to see to it that every evening I would get to the place safely, and also got back to my hotel¬†safely by providing a driver or driving me back themselves ūüôā

But that aside, I also treasured¬†the free time in the day from my usual work routine. In the day, after replying emails and dealing with the usual enquiries, I was free to do whatever I want – ¬†a luxury I don’t have when I’m in KL.

I’m more an introvert by nature and recharge my energy by being alone or spending time alone, so you can imagine how precious that free time alone was¬†to me! ūüėõ

And because of that, working until 11 ish on each of those¬†nights and sleeping around 2am didn’t bug me much at all. If you’re wondering why I only sleep by 2am, it’s because I stayed back with the team committee after to have supper and I also had to complete my 9-step skin care routine (which I’ve just started recently) before going to sleep. I swear, if I didn’t see any change in my skin recently, I’d have given this up already – it’s so much work! Haha.


Hotel Surprise

A lovely surprise from the hotel’s housekeeper when I got back the third night ūüôā


When I got back to KL, it was the usual rush, with almost back-to-back classes scheduled, and yet another event to emcee on the day after. You can imagine my enthusiasm :S

At times like these, I am always grateful that I love what I do. ¬†Otherwise, it’d be really tough to keep all this going.

However, something about the trip had revived something in me, giving me new inspiration and energy.

You see, I spent those few days, apart from exploring the neighbourhood, doing what I’d used to do if I was absolutely free – watching my favourite artistes on YouTube perform live.

When I’m busy vocal coaching, I’d be actively checking various artistes & musicians on YouTube as part of my job. But usually,¬†it’s more for my students than for myself, and also to remain current with vocal techniques, styles & genres that are popular at the moment. Hence, I check out artistes that are current or artistes that my students fancy rather than the artistes I personally fancy.

Doing a simple thing like this is more important than I remembered Рevery singer or musician needs to rekindle their love for music and their craft, and the inspiration is usually from those few singers/musicians who simply blew us away and got us started in the journey from the very beginning.

And to be able to watch my few favourite¬†artistes¬†again without a care in the world (even though not in person), sparked a new fire in me to sing and make music for fun again, rather than just for “work”.

Time to get back to my “Kage” project, like this one:


Music & singing weren’t perfect – but heck, I did it on impromptu and just for fun. And we’re all entitled to some fun ūüėČ










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3 Nights of Standing! Emceeing for WD Media :)