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Hi! How has your week been?

Mine has been busy, but the good kind of busy I guess 🙂

I thought I’d drop a Vlog on Saturday for a change – perhaps you’d be able to practice this at home instead of at work? 😛

If you’ve always wanted to sing with a breathy tone, or that airy quality to your tone, this Vlog’s perfect for you!

That said, before we begin, it’s important to note that it’s generally not a healthy thing to do to sing breathily or even whisper for long hours. I’ll explain that another to keep this short!

Just so you get a clear idea on what singing with a breathy tone is like, I recorded two examples in the video:

  1. Singing with a clear tone
  2. Singing with a breathy tone

Make sure you check that out first, so you know what we’re aiming for when it comes to singing with a breathy tone 🙂

Now let’s get started….how can we sing with a breathy tone?

Here are the 3 quick tips I have for you.


Tip 1: Use “Frost” (The Breathy-sounding Vocal Gear)

Singing is a little bit like driving, you need to engage in different vocal gears to get different performance results (and vocal characters) when singing.

There are 4 vocal gears, but Frost is the best to help you create that breathy/airy/smokey sound when singing.

While there are many ways to get into this gear, I’ve demonstrated one of the easiest to get yourself started in this vocal gear.

Start by yawning…or faking a yawn. Do it a couple of times to remember what the sensation’s like, and then add melody to it (as I’ve shown in the video). Again, do it a couple times so you get used to that yawning sensation as you sing. When we do this, we’re singing in Frost (or Frosting), and this naturally produces that breathy/airy/smokey sound. Hold on to that sensation to keep yourself anchored in Frost.


Tip 2: Add the “Inner Smile”

When going for the higher notes in your breathy notes, it’s important to add the “inner smile”.

We do this by lifting the soft palate in our mouths – check out the video to understand better on how to locate this spot! 🙂

How do we lift this spot when singing? If you try to act surprised, you can probably already feel your soft palate lifting…do that a couple of times and work on getting the hang of lifting this spot when you want to.

And then of course, try it while singing in Frost with a melody. The “inner smile” can help us stay in Frost (and maintain that breathy tone) more easily!


Tip 3: Focus The Breathiness Through The Nasal Tract


Instead of blowing air entirely through your vocal tract as we do in whispering, focus on releasing the breathiness through the nasal tract.

Watch the video to get a better idea on how to direct your breathiness through the nasal tract. It will help to do that vocal exercise I demonstrated in the video as if you’re singing “Nghhhhhhh…..” through that same melody.

While you’re focusing the breathiness through the nasal tract, however, be careful that you are not singing through your nose instead. If we sing through our noses, the voice can sound very nasally.

Rest assured, there’s a quick way to check if you are singing through your nose. Just pinch your nose while you are singing. If you are singing through your nose, your vocal tone quality will be interrupted or change when you do. If you’re not, there will be no changes to the vocal tone quality at all 🙂

Let me know if you’ve got any questions, alright? Just post them below.

For longer and more full-on singing lesson videos, just subscribe to my free singing videos here on this website.

Have a good weekend & happy singing!

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3 Quick Tips to Singing With A Breathy Tone