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How was your day? Hope you had a good one.

I had a little time during my lunch break, so I thought I’d share the simple things that made my day 🙂

You know what they say…it doesn’t take much to be happy, and very often, gratitude for the simplest of things can do just it!

My 3 happy things today were:

  1. I had my healthy lunch box sent to me from Chopstickdiner.com.  I’m usually a carnivore, but I like their salads. And since I’m kinda getting myself into exercising regularly again, I thought it’d make sense to eat healthily too 😀
  2. I’ve fixed my Logic Pro onto my macbook and it’s up and running! Yay…it means I can get back to making music, even if I’m often too packed with work these days to do all this sort of fun stuff. But hey, at least, it’s ready! Muahahahaha.
  3. I’ve got a new friend, and her name is Miniso! She speaks with a funny accent, and she cracks me up every time when she does. Check her out in the video.

What makes you happy?

I hope you find joy in the simplest things too, and if your day wasn’t so wonderful, it’s okay. It’s almost over 😛

Look forward to a happier one tomorrow, and it wouldn’t hurt to start it with a smile.

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3 Things That Made My Day (Vlog)