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As I’ve mentioned just recently, I’ve started a new Kage series, where I’ll be dropping more singing stuff, both covers, originals and other random musical stuff 🙂

Here’s my cover of ‘A Natural Woman’, made popular by the almighty Aretha Franklin. One of my favourite vocalists!

This one is dedicated to my dad, who played a huge part in developing my interest in music at a young age.

My father was the one who always played some sort of record at home, and also took the time to introduce music to me. He would talk to me about the music, the lyrics, the artistes/bands and show me his precious music sheets for the songs that he loved. And I would indulge…I would spend time listening, singing and playing them on the piano.

Ironically, when I first told my parents that I wanted to do music, or work in a music-related field, my dad asked angrily, “Why do you always have to be different?”.

It sure wasn’t funny at that time, and I was hurt. I was quite discouraged and felt like he didn’t support my passion for music.

But needless to say, my dad was just being my dad – how was he to know that I was really serious about this then and that I would make a decent living doing what I love? 🙂

And he did support me – both my parents and my family did. Eventually, they all encouraged me to pursue this passion of mine and embark on my vocal and musical journey in London. They all showed me a lot of support through that whole period, which would have been a really lonely journey for me  if it wasn’t because of the wonderful friends I also made while in London. It was truly a life-changing experience for me, one of which I could not have done without my family. I am so thankful for them.


If you feel like you’ve got a dream to do that something and you don’t seem to have the support and your friends and family to do it, don’t lose heart.

And instead of feeling down, take it as a challenge! After all, if you really are passionate about what it is you want to do, you will do it somehow, you would do it anyway, regardless of who supports you and who doesn’t. Of course, having support from your loved one matters, but sometimes they’re just worried about you and they will see the light once you give them no reason to.

It was a quote that I read in a book that made me look at it from this perspective, and I hope it’ll inspire you as well.  I can’t remember who quoted it, but it goes like this:

“If you don’t succeed, it’s nobody’s fault but yours.” 😛

So as Nike would say, JUST DO IT! 🙂


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A Natural Woman (Cover)