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One of the legends, gone too soon :_(

I had some time in between work today, so I thought I’d quickly pay tribute to Prince, one of my most admired singer-songwriters.

I remember the first time I heard “Kiss”, it blew me away.

Prince had such an incredibly sexy voice and spectacular vocal range. What blew me away was how he had such confidence to use his different “voices” together, switching from his high notes to his low ones like it was just the way it should be sung – I felt an immediate connection.

I always thought my voice was strange, when I had a considerable lower vocal range that most women don’t seem to use, of which many people always¬†mistook for a man’s voice. And at the same time, I also had the higher vocal range that spills into my whistle register of which I could never really marry to that manly voice. I was often conflicted as to which one was my real voice and which one I ought to use when I sing.

But Prince changed that.

After hearing how he sung, I realised never had to choose between the two.

He used both. And he used it proudly – without feeling or showing the need to marry them both when used together, if you know what I mean.


Days before he passed, I was just wondering when we’ll hear new stuff from him again ūüôĀ

He wrote quite a number of my other favourite songs – “Nothing Compares To You” & “The Most Beautiful Girl”. And his performance with Amy Winehouse (also one of my favourites) for “Love Is A Losing Game” still tugs at my heartstrings every time. Watch it here.

Most people say musicians are only hot during their prime seasons, but even “hot” is not a good enough word to describe Prince’s most recent vocal performance on “Fall In Love Tonight”. The moment he started the first verse, it was just pure eargasm.

RIP Prince.

Your music will live on forever – you made us all wanna dance, even if we’re not the best of dancers.

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A Tribute to Prince, “Kiss” (Cover) by Kage