To provide the most effective vocal training that draws out the mightiest of voices from ordinary people.

Our goal is to ‘Unlock Voices’, so every individual can find and use their natural ability to sing as their favourite singers do. There are no limits!

Our resources, lessons and courses are carefully designed with this goal in mind.

About Us

About us – we are a vocal training school with a very specific mission, to help our students sing like they’ve never sung before!

Our singing techniques have been credited with instilling in our students, the fundamentals needed to support the voice as a musical instrument and to overcome various vocal problems often encountered in singing.

Our students range from beginners to experienced singers, and they all have benefited from our vocal training methods, achieving marked improvements vocally and musically.

When applied correctly, our proprietary vocal syllabus and methods will enable a singer to notice changes in his or her voice almost immediately. Our singing and vocal techniques promote healthier ways of using the voice and are developed to make singing easy – the way it was always meant to be.

We market our services via our vocal seminars, courses, workshops, online courses and through our book ‘Unlock Your Voice – The Secrets to Singing’. Please visit the Products & Services page to find out more on how you can begin learning the secrets of singing.

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Our Principal Trainer

Janice Yap is our principal vocal trainer, and a music enthusiast and a lover at heart.

An avid user of the voice herself, Janice Yap has many years of experience in Vocal Training & Teaching, Performing Arts, Theatre, Radio Announcing, TV Presenting, Music Recording & Performance, Songwriting & Emceeing.

Her work in the industry has won her recognition from her peers and the public, with awards for Best Solo Performance (Vocals) and Best Composition.

Janice Yap believes in discovering and maximising one’s vocal potential as the key to fully expressing one’s self and identity – be it at work, home or play.

Through her own journey of vocal discovery, Janice Yap has explored various methods of singing and vocal projection. Her findings and experiences have resulted in the development of a way of using the voice that not only focuses on developing or learning new skills in singing, but in undoing habits that inhibit one from unlocking their true vocal potential.

Her unique approach to vocal training, which focuses on tapping into everyone’s innate ability to sing, has helped her students achieve remarkable results in unimaginably short periods of time, despite their age, background and experiences.


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