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There was an angel, whose main responsibility was to appear to humans who were close to death and guide them on to the next life.

This angel was a ‘he’.

One day, while waiting to escort to the other world a man who will not survive a heart surgery, this normally emotionally subdued creature was dazzled – by a female doctor who tried desperately to resuscitate the man, her dead patient. Impressed by her sincere anguish in failing to do so, she suddenly became his treasure trove of curiosities.

He began to “stalk” her – he would follow her closely, study her, and even try to make himself visible to her. This left her confused, because as much as she was attracted to him, the more she knew about him, the less there is to know about him – with no human identity, how could the angel tell her exactly who he was? So, she started to see another guy.

This upset the angel. By now, he was completely preoccupied with her. Convinced that he could only be with her if he too, was a human being, he goes out of his way to find a way to leave his “angelship”. Turns out, the only way was to jump off a skyscraper, and should he survive the fall, then only would he become human. So, he did just that. After a whole lot of trouble surviving the fall and locating the girl, he finally gets to her doorstep. She embraces him, and for the first time, they spent their most “romantic” night together. It seemed like a happy ending.

But if something’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Guess what happens the very next day? She dies. Better yet, guess how she dies? She was out cycling, and while rejoicing over the fact that she could spend the rest of her life with this sweet angel who gave up his immortal status to be with her, she closed her eyes and stretched her hands in the air…only to get hit by a truck.

Moral of the story?

Don’t close your eyes while cycling. AND, don’t date anyone who cycles like that.

Meg Ryan in “City of Angels”, demonstrating how to get yourself killed while cycling.

That pretty much sums up the film, “City of Angels”. As morbidly dumb as I’ve made it sound, I do remember the show being very romantic and I know just why. The music, and particularly, the song, “Angel” sung by Sarah McLachlan in the film, stirred up emotions tremendously. Many cried as a result of it, despite however “dumb” the storyline is in retrospect. Music tells stories in ways words and pictures alone, couldn’t have done better. And, likewise, the voice (the one musical instrument we were born with) has the same effect on the people we speak to everyday.

The first step to improving your voice is to recognise that it is your God-given musical instrument. We belted ourselves into this world with a magnificent cry when we were born – you’ve got a mighty voice to start with. If you don’t like how you sound today, it’s not because you were born with a lousy voice – you simply don’t know yet how to wield this mighty instrument you have! As the owner of your instrument, you can do what musicians do – tune your instrument and learn how to play it properly, so that you can eventually play it well and sound good doing it.

What would you give up your “angelship” for?

A person? A dream? A piece of treasure? Whatever it is, just make sure it won’t cycle to its death stupidly and hurt you in the end. But if it must, remember to keep the music playing in the background.

In other words, after counting all costs in pursuing your dreams, do whatever you want to do excellently, and do so by using your voice excellently!

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“Angelship” by Janice Yap