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Dear Normie,

You left us this morning, while we were asleep.

I wish we could have said a proper goodbye, but then I wasn’t ready to let you go anyway.

I think many of us weren’t.

Watching you those two days was difficult, but it was nothing compared to all the obstacles that you have braved through to fight until the very end. You walked the talk – you practiced your faith until the very end. Truly a champ. I have to give you a high-five and also do that gangsta walk with you the next time I see you.

I remember the last thing I said to you as you lay there in bed was, “Norman, get well soon okay? The next time I see you, it will be at your home, okay?”, hoping that you’d be checking out of the hospital miraculously the next day and you’d be at home the next time I saw you. Little did I know you’d really go back to your real home so soon.

It’s ironic how you were usually the last to arrive every time we had a gathering, but this time you’re the first to get there. I’m sad that you got there first and so soon, but I’m glad that you’re in a better place now. Now you can spend your time drumming all day, and I’ll join you in music with my singing one day – I hope I can keep up with you by then. I’m glad we’ve had the chance to play music together and to have even sung a duet and done a musical together.

The last link you sent me was this, for drumming motivation:


I will always think of you now when I hear this song and imagine you making that Bieber song extra cool somehow.

You’ve always looked great in person and in photos, but despite the many good-looking pics of you, here’s my favourite one of you.



For all the good times we’ve shared – the laughter, the silly jokes & deeper conversations we’ve had.

You were anything but the norm, Norman Wong.

Perhaps that’s why I could never call you Norm.

Thanks for being such a dear friend.

I miss you already.



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Anything but the Norm.