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A lovely surprise in the day.

It was my birthday recently.

It wasn’t a secret, but I’m not one to shout from the rooftop about it. I like celebrating birthdays, but not necessarily with the whole world – the introvert side of me 🙂

This year is pretty different for me – I’m a pregnant birthday girl.

Birthday waffles after a really heavy dinner…yummy!

My tummy’s becoming bigger and I never been this heavy – 55kgs! Eek! I’ve been hiding it the last few months as best as I can. However, running out of clothes to do just that, I felt it was time to just embrace my “beer-belly” look. I’ve decided to make my birthday, the official ‘bump’ day!

And a second birthday cake later in the night, after dinner, a birthday cake and desert!

According to various sources, I’m at point now where my baby can hear my voice, and mothers should at this point start talking and singing to their baby. My baby might have been hearing too much singing and be begging for less, given my profession. LOL. He must also be trying to figure out the weird sounds he’s been hearing everyday when I make silly sounds while teaching and training others with their voices 😛

Anyway, I thought I’d share a little on what it’s like to sing while pregnant.


I realise my stamina is definitely not as good as before – simply because I tire out more easily these days, which of course affects the breath support, and fatigue can also cause inadequate vocal fold closure. That said, it isn’t anything an afternoon cat nap can’t cure. Only problem is, when I work full days, which happens pretty often, there simply isn’t time to take one!

The common theme for my birthday gifts this year – massages! Hooray!

Breath Support

There are changes to how long I can sustain my breath support. Singing powerfully isn’t a problem, but holding notes long feels different – a lot tougher, though not impossible at this point. I can imagine when the tummy gets much bigger however, and takes up more space, it’ll eat into the space required for my diaphragm, rib cage and such to expand and keep open as required in sustaining notes later.

Nasal Congestion

It’s bad enough that I normally have to live with sinusitis. However, with pregnancy now, I also have pregnancy rhinitis! I’d normally treat my sinusitis with Avamys and saline nasal sprays, but ever since I got “knocked up”, I have to ditch the Avamys entirely, and the saline sprays don’t work so well alone. It seems the hormonal changes (higher amounts of estrogen) during pregnancy, causes swelling of mucous membranes in the lining of the nose, while the increase of blood that happens when one is pregnant, contributes to the swelling of tiny blood vessels in the lining of the nose. To put it simply, thanks to those changes, more nasal congestion. Argh!

This has affected my sleep tremendously, it’s hard to breathe comfortably while sleeping that’s why. And lack of sleep of course, doesn’t do anyone good, whether you sing or not.

Dinner with my old pals.

Lack Of Sleep

But that’s not the only cause for lack of sleep on my part.

There’s also the need to have to go the washroom more quite a few times in the night. Prior to getting pregnant, I’ve never had to make any toilet trips in the middle of the night. How I miss those days :_( Sometimes when I make such a toilet trip, I find it hard to go back to sleep after, which only means less hours of sleep. If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know by now that lack of sleep is definitely not good for the voice!

One of my birthday gifts – my boy’s first toy!

Acid Reflux

Then there’s also the reflux. Boo hoo.

This has been an ongoing there for me even before getting pregnant, so you can imagine how this is somewhat magnified with pregnancy, where most women are more susceptible to heartburn and acid reflux. Thankfully, it’s not an everyday thing, but the nights when the reflux is bad, my husband would be asking me the next morning,”What happened to your voice, baby?”. I’ve lost my voice because of recurring reflux before, so I’m surely not digging this so far.


I’ve always been the forgetful type when it comes to drinking enough water in a day. But now, it’s almost impossible to forget – my throat dries up and feels like it’s cracking real quick in the day as a reminder. LOL. This shouldn’t be a surprise though, because of the increase of blood and amniotic fluid, a pregger’s need for water would naturally be greater. It just means more inconvenience and more toilet trips for me though. Bummer.

The sweetest birthday card from my niece! #heartmelts

So, I know I’ve made it sound like being pregnant is real shitty for any singer – but no, it really isn’t.

These are simply symptoms of which one can manage, and manage better with singing! 🙂

As for now, I’m gonna continue singing and belting all the way through my pregnancy.

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