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Hello there 🙂

I’m not feeling so great today since my last acid reflux ‘attack’ this morning, at 3am. I am now officially “the girl who has everything” when it comes to drugs for acid reflux 😛

In any case, I am excited to share with you what’s coming up tomorrow 🙂

If you’re in Malaysia, make sure you tune in to NTV7 tomorrow, at 11am, I’ll be on their morning show, “Bella”.

I’ll be sharing with you the benefits of singing when it comes to our body & healthy – how singing can enhance your health. You will be pleasantly surprised as to how singing can help you feel happier, less stressed and even live longer! In other words, you’ll have a great excuse to go karaoke more often.

But of course it doesn’t stop there. Why? Because although singing brings about many health benefits, most people are simply terrified about singing, so they never get around to doing it! Which is why, I’ll be sharing with you 3 quick tips on how to improve your singing, so you can enjoy singing more, and get yourself started in this new habit of singing everyday to enhance your health! I’ll talk you through on ways to improve your vocal range, vocal projection & breathing & of course, how to belt (how to sing those “impossible” or “extremely dangerous” notes) easily.

I’ll also be giving away 3 tickets to attend my vocal workshop on Public Speaking, PowerTalk™ so you can attend it for free (more info can be found here). AND, 3 of my books, “Unlock Your Voice – The Secrets to Singing” so you can continue your vocal journey even from home and improve your singing! Don’t miss out!

Tune in tomorrow, NTV7 Bella, 11am 🙂

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Catch me tomorrow, on NTV7’s Bella, 11am! (Vlog)