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Hello! 🙂

The last few months haven’t been easy – not just because of the busyness, but also because it’s been tough keeping these huge secrets to myself!

Surprise #1

My baby’s almost out – my online training programme! I’ve been spending a lot of time on this, had a lot of fun putting this together, and have included loads of content there that’s gonna make it easy for anyone to pick up singing and improve their voices from home. It’s the programme I wish I had when I was trying to find and unlock my voice – if I had everything in one place, and learnt all the techniques in one place, I would have achieved the vocal power, flexibility, tone, range and character I wanted much earlier. There are videos, audio tracks & even notes in the programme – you can imagine how long it took for my team and I to put all this together! 🙂 I wanted to keep this a surprise, but at the same time I was really excited about sharing it…make sure you stay tuned by dropping your details at www.janiceyap.net . You’ll also find free vocal training videos there, available only for a limited period of time.

Surprise #2

My second baby is on its way.

I am pregnant 🙂

Not that this has been a lifelong dream, but this was a really pleasant surprise – it happened sooner than I thought. But hey, I’m grateful.

Obviously, I didn’t want to spill the news any earlier because everyone says the first trimester is so risky and all. But the baby and I have made it safely past the first trimester, so phew! What a relief.

This was the reason why the last few months have been tougher than usual too. Imagine, a super busy schedule, plus the filming and putting together of the online programme, plus pregnancy symptoms! Eek! This is also why I haven’t posted any gym/work-out photos lately – it’s hard to imagine how just few months ago, I had toned abs and a flat stomach. I’m not feeling very sexy these days.

That said, being super busy and pregnant lately has gotten me worried. Am I working too hard? Am I eating well enough? Am I doing my baby good? I spoke to Elaine from Chopstickdiner.com about this, and she being an ambassador for healthy food, insisted that I eat well, especially through this period.

This seemed like an impossible task for me, as I sometimes only had less than half an hour to eat in between work, and healthy isn’t easy to find and also seems to take too long to prepare. So, I told her to come into my office and show me how. Hah!

And come in and show me, she did.

She said it’s possible to prepare a healthy meal in 5 mins.

So I challenged her to finish preparing a healthy meal for me in less before I could finish singing a 5-min song.

She accepted the challenge.

Surprise #3

Check out what happened:



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The Challenge: Can you really cook a healthy meal in 5 mins (the length of a song)?