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One of the greatest challenges in pregnancy less talked about is finding clothes that will see you through maternity.

When a woman realises she’s pregnant, no matter how vain he or she might be, vanity will take the back seat for a while as she priorities the well-being of the child she carries. Mother instincts just kicks in and somehow you’d learn to put the baby  first in every way.

With so many other pregnancy symptoms that a woman has to go through (thankfully mine wasn’t and isn’t too bad so far) and all the preparations that comes into preparing a home for your little one and in being a new mom, dressing well or even being concerned about dressing well seems less significant.

But, NOT TO ME! 😛

I believe dressing and grooming yourself well through all stages of life is important, no matter how old you are.

I don’t believe in spending beyond your means to do that, but within your resources, to always look your best and present the best of yourself. While most people would think it’s only important to do that when there’s a special occasion or only to impress that special someone, I believe that one should always look their best for themselves – because it makes us FEEL GOOD.

If you feel like shit (uncomfortable or look at yourself in the mirror and hate what you see), it’s gonna be hard to feel good about yourself. So why not dress and look good always, so you can always feel great about yourself and go about performing your daily business better? 🙂

That said, this isn’t so easy when maternity hits. For a number of reasons. Your body’s growing at quite an unpredictable rate and their changing in so many parts throughout the whole time – your breasts, your tummy, your legs and butt & etc. Then there’s also the whole challenge of finding non-aunty-looking-maternity-clothes, and of course, the ridiculous prices that are normally associated with maternity clothes.

In the first few months, when the bump is kinda tiny but sticking out like a beer belly, I simply wore baggier tops over low-waist tights. None of my usual high-waisted pants and usual body-fitting dresses could fit. And even if some of them were they stretchable, I didn’t want to be mistaken as a skinny girl with a beer belly. Ew. I made the trip to a couple of maternity stores at that time to hunt for pants with stretchable waistlines. I was quickly disappointed at how few the options were and how expensive every piece cost!

I bought a few then because I could afford them, but I quickly regretted and I must say, I never wore them out.

They were too ugly.

It was one of those purchases you made because you thought it was necessary, only to realise that even “necessity” wasn’t good enough a reason to rock such bad fashion.

When the second trimester hit, I realise my baggier tops are quickly shrinking and I’m running out of clothes again. But the goods news is, my bump was beginning to look like a bump and I don’t have to keep my baby a secret anymore! 😛 The tummy now is much bigger, so much so that wearing baggier tops just makes one look fat and sloppy. So instead, I decided to embrace my new curves with stretchable tops and dresses. They are great because they are comfortable and because they are body-fitting, they still show your great physique (in other parts, at least), without showing off too much skin, which may not be fantastic while being pregnant. After all, your start to have all sorts of other new things showing on your body, like stretched skin, veins popping out, skin darkening at some areas, swelling and etc – gosh, maybe I shouldn’t reveal too much. The point is, wearing clothes that still flattter the rest of your body and show your bump without revealing too much is ideal in this trimester.

Now, upon the third trimester, I find it harder to find stretchable tops and dresses that can fit. The bump is simply way too big to fit into most of them. At this stage, I’d say I’m feeling pretty MEGA. Huge. Heavy. Mobility’s also quite a problem – I’m not strutting my usual catwalk very well, and definitely can’t event stand on my high heels for more than 10 mins, what more walk around in them. I can’t even get up from up my bed or any lower-height seats decently. It feels like I’m doing a Britney Spears show-it-all everytime I get out the car, or a Sharon Stone’s leg cross (as in Basic Instinct), because it’s hard to keep my legs together with all the space my tummy’s taking between them and keeping my legs crossed on anyside too long actually hurts!

So this is the season, where again, new options of clothes have to be hunted down to accommodate such inconveniences or should I say, hide your unglamorous new habits. I was sure I would find the right stuff to do just that, although I probably wouldn’t find them easily and all in once place – I have pretty much gone through my whole maternity without actually wearing anything from maternity brands, but I wasn’t looking forward to this whole process yet again.

Fortunately, that’s when Laimage Maternity and I “hooked up” 😛

After they sent me a couple of pics of their clothes, we met up and I was happy to own and wear some of their latest. More than that, I’m genuinely happy to share it with anyone who’s just entering maternity and are looking for decent-looking maternity clothes!

So, check it out.

Here are a few of their newest additions:

Green nursing dress: http://laimagematernity.com.my/…/maternity-nursing-dress-w…/

Black outfit: http://laimagematernity.com.my/product-category/work/

If you want more, just visit LaimageMaternity.com or find them on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Laimagematernity/ 



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