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This has got to be one of my favourite performances of Nirvana. LOL.

It just cracks me up every time I watch this.

When the band was asked to mime their whole performance, and were told that the only thing that was gonna be live were to be Kurt’s vocals over the pre-recorded music, Nirvana decided to have some fun and did their very own shred video!

It starts off with Kurt doing karate chop-like movements over his guitar strings and straight fingers on his guitar neck, all the while with a silly grin on his face. It was darn obvious something was wrong. The camera man must have been shocked and desperately moved the focus over to Krist on the bass, hoping that he wasn’t in on the prank as well, but there was no escaping this shredding that Nirvana had planned.

Soon as the camera was on Krist, he swings his bass above and around his head! LOL. It was damn obvious he wasn’t playing anything on that bass.

The next thing you know, when they pan back over to Kurt, instead of singing with his usual trademark grungy sound, he starts singing at with an unusual deep tone, and at some parts, looked like he was about to eat/swallow the mic.

And then somewhere in the middle of the song Dave joins in the “shredding”, he just starts pointing his drum sticks in the air one by one and looks like he’s somewhat dancing.

It was insane!!!

They actually did this on TV! LIVE!


Perhaps the only thing more insane about this was how crazy the fans were about their performance, despite their ridiculous antics. And they even jumped on stage to join the band towards the end of the song. Talk about fan power!

While it was all quite hilarious, I felt kinda sorry for the host, Top Of The Pops. I can only imagine how the producer must be sh*tting in his/her pants through out this whole performance in horror.

But that said, Nirvana remains one of my favourite bands of all time.

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