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When Cambridge English For Life first approached me to host their annual dinner, I knew they were a close-knitted fun bunch.

From the very first meeting, the whole team was very involved, and there was so much planning into making the dinner creative, fun and exciting for all the attendees. Most people would outsource this sort of arduous tasks to event companies, but these guys were determined to get personal!

I dig people who take ownership of their craft, work and/or responsibilities – so I was gamed.

My team of musicians playing a couple of “CSI” themed songs before we started the show!

Because of that, I took the job, despite the fact that the event was gonna happen during a really busy period for me. I literally had to jump from my full-day-back-to-back vocal coaching to hosting one event to another. I was also in my first trimester of pregnancy – feeling low grade nausea all day and extreme fatigue was an everyday thing at that time. Needless to say, my parents were worried and told me to cut down on work…haha. They’ve been saying that since I got pregnant! 😛

I was more worried about how NOT to look pregnant while hosting the event and singing a couple of songs on stage to entertain the crowd that night. I’ve always thought pregnant women look sexy, but I was at the point where my little bump looked more like I haven’t been going to the gym and been drinking beer all my life – I didn’t feel the least bit sexy.

Failing to fit in any of my dresses for such an event was quite depressing at first. It was tough finding the right one to hide my tummy and not look sloppy. One might wonder why I care about appearance so much. It’s simple – I put a lot of effort in emceeing an event successfully and looking presentable IS part of the job!

Speaking of which, I created a programme on emceeing events successfully – “Expert Emcee Secrets”. Looking presentable was included in the syllabus, along with a hell lot of other things that every emcee has to do to host an event successfully 🙂

I got down to every small bit, including what’s in my cue card kit and how to open and close and event with a big bang (no matter what the occasion) how to handle protocol (and disasters), how to “speak from your heart” and not depend on cue cards, how to keep your audience engaged & etc. There is somewhat a “formula” to it, one of which can help any emcee to easily ensure a smooth-sailing event with happy clients and attendees, shine while at it and simply have more fun despite all the hard work. And most importantly, get you even more gigs.

Will talk more about that in due time…muahahaha. Until then…

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