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I had a blast in London last month, catching up with my friends, cousin & also being a London tourist all over again as my in-laws decided to visit London for our family trip.

Janice Yap Emcee

Janice Yap Vocal Coach

One of my singing buddies in while I was in a music college in London…


Just because we found a “shit” looking desert 😛

janice yap

From talking nonsense and breaking our fortune cookies together…

But restlessness surely kicked in fast (I sometimes feel restless when I haven’t been working for days), and as soon as I got back, it was full swing again.

At times like that, I am always grateful that I enjoy my work. I cannot imagine being swarmed with work that I dislike the moment I get back from a holiday. What a nightmare!

I fell sick however, as I got caught in the rain for a bit when I got back. This is what happens when you go on a motorbike trip in tropical country that rains almost all year round, without a proper raincoat! 😛 Down with what the doctor called a “Viral Fever”, I was bedridden for 2 days, and recovered just in time to emcee CommScope’s “Expect More” Roadshow in KL. I’m not sure why it’s called a roadshow when it was really quite glamorous…haha.

janice yap motorbike emcee

I went on a quick motorbike getaway with my hubby to Penang when I got back to KL.

Perhaps the only not so good thing about my work is that I cannot afford to be sick. Or, at least, even when I’m sick, I still have to turn up for work :/ Sometimes I really wish I’m wonder woman or better yet, a cross breed of Wolverine & Nightcrawler, so I can always heal myself and teleport from one place to another easily and teach many students and emcee various events at once. Lol.


It was Weng & Belinda from Hack In The Box who got in touch with me to host for CommScope. They are one of the events team I’ve found easiest to work with – they are super well-organised & prompt. If you’re reading this from Singapore and you’re looking for an events company, try them! They’re based in Malaysia but they handle a lot of events in both Singapore and Malaysia.

Janice Yap Emcee For Events


The event turned out to be more like a Geeks Convention (in a good way) 🙂 It was a gathering of great minds talking about future possibilities and partnerships to solve more network infrastructure challenges. Most of the people who attended (if not all), were tech-savvy – unlike me! Haha. In my family, I’ve always been dubbed the least tech-savvy.

Janice Yap Emcee for CommScope

CommScope has an inspiring 4-decade-long story to how it got to where it is today. It made me think about what I’d like to see in my life, 40 years from now. I would definitely still imagine myself singing (my poor neighbours would probably wish I didn’t live so long). But as much as I’d like to leave an impact in the world before I leave, I would wish more for my loved ones to still be around then. If only all of them could live forever.

Just earlier this year, I’ve lost a friend who fought cancer to his last breath – it still seems surreal when I visited his grave just recently.

Busy is good, but spending time with loved ones is too.

I’m working on a plan to make that happen more often.

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Emcee for CommScope’s “Expect More” 2016