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Lately it’s getting harder to keep everyone posted on my blog on my whereabouts and uptos.

My schedule’s so packed sometimes I feel like I don’t even have time to think! LOL.

I guess this explains why Facebook Live is pretty handy – I can get on, sing a couple of songs, answer all the questions that have been sent to me through out the week and that’s it! I don’t have to do any production work, na-da. All done, just like that. I only wish I had more time to practice my instruments and songs ¬†before I go on “air”, so to speak. But heck, I’m not there to do a show – it’s more like a casual jam and Q&A session to stay in touch with my subcribers and followers, and it’s simply one of the easiest now if I can squeeze in any time in between the crazy schedule ūüôā

Here’s an event I emceed recently… been meaning to post this earlier but just couldn’t get around to it until now.

Every year I emcee the world largest metaphysics event, Joey Yap’s Feng Shui & Astrology, which is normally held just before the new lunar year begins. But due to popular demand, there is now also an encore of the event. Not surprisingly, the turn out is huge, yet again, and as long as the day may be, it’s always nice to play a part in keeping everyone smiley, chirpy and informed through out the day.

A photographer once asked me while hosting one of these sort of events, how do you smile all day? How can you still be smiling after a whole long day of talking and standing around in those heels?


The funny¬†thing was, I didn’t even realise I was smiling all day. I think the only time I ever realised I was smiling all day was my wedding day – my face felt like it was about to have a spasm. As for the heels, I sit whenever I can in between. I’ve learnt my lesson the hard way (read about it here) to know for a fact that standing all day or even all night in heels can result in feet paralysis & tremendous back-ache the next day.

So how do I smile all day or all night?

I find a way to enjoy myself.

Some events are pretty fun to start with, so it’s not difficult. Others are tougher.

However, to enjoy anything, I believe it starts with you.¬†It’s always important to take or create an interest in the subject or something. It’s very much like watching UFC (although I’m not a hardcore follower) – you can’t truly enjoy the fights if you don’t know where the fighters are coming from, their journey, their history with each other, their profiles & etc.

Ignorance is often the key to making anything entirely boring.

So educate yourself on the subject and make it interesting! Create an interest, even if it’s not your interest to begin with. You don’t have to know the subject like a pro, but if you know it enough to follow the “sport” and enjoy the talents of the people involved, it’s gonna make it all so much more interesting and even entertaining.

Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? ūüôā

That said, the smiling, which is important in Public Speaking and communication, also comes with practice. I know this because I deal with a lot students (including Toastmasters) who often forget to smile enough while speaking. It’s human nature to have somewhat a more serious or less emotional face when speaking in front of a larger audience – maybe because we feel the weight of everyone’s attention on ourselves.

But smiling & smizing (smiling with your eyes) is so important. And this is particular true for those of us who may have the so-called “Resting Bitch Face”. Why? Because you may be sending out all these negative vibes to others without even knowing it!

If this is new to you, read more about it here from CNN & here from Buzzfeed.

I guess the chinese equivalent to the “Resting Bitch Face” is Yong Sui (bad face). I’m not sure which one sounds better. Both labels simply puts you under the somewhat-revolting-face catergory.¬†LOL.

As a Vocal Coach, very often, I’m asked how does one¬†become a better communicator, and a part from all the usual advice I’d give on the voice, body language and etc, I’d say it wouldn’t hurt by starting with more smiles.

A sincere smile doesn’t cost you anything, and yet, it could be priceless to someone who’s having a bad or uneventful day.

Also something my mother once said, rings a hell lot of the truth.

“A woman is not most beautiful when she is all dressed and made-up.¬†

A woman is most beautiful when she smiles from her heart and her speech reflects the greatness of¬†her heart.”¬†

I believe this to be true for men too ūüôā

So, why not put on your best self as you speak to anyone else?

With that in mind, have a good weekend, keep smiling and speak from your heart!

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