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Everyone has a soft spot for Nokia phones – at least those from my generation.

My first cool phone was a Nokia. So you can imagine my excitement few months back, when I was asked me to emcee the launch of the new Nokia range of smartphones!

When I agreed to take the job, I was newly pregnant. Having low grade nausea all day along with extreme fatigue was an everyday thing. The toughest part was not coping with these, but coping with these symptoms without showing them to my clients and students while at work!

One might wonder why I would even bother to hide how I really felt (which was down right pretty shit) – the answer is simple.

I never want to be a energy-sucker, not if I can help it 😛

Hanging out with my Nokia robot-boyfriend just before the event started.


Mr Nokia is made out of Nokia phones, obviously.

You see, when it comes to social energy, I find that people often fall into 3 categories.

  1. Energisers
  2. Robots
  3. Energy-suckers



Energisers are people of whom you enjoy being in their presence or company. They’ve got great social energy. They often speak clearly and are cheerful and confident. One would think all energisers have to be extroverts or are the noisiest of the bunch in any social event, but some of these energisers exuberate their energy in calmer and cooler ways – they’re simply pleasant to be around with, in a laid-back way. They practice great body language and are very likeable. You’d normally feel refreshed or recharged being around energisers and always look forward to seeing them again.



Robots are people of whom after having made acquaintance with or exchanging conversation with them, it’s like it never happened. The moment of contact was so unmemorable that it didn’t leave a good or bad impression – it left zero impression (nothing). They are often people you forget you’ve ever met (you don’t remember their name or even their faces) because the social encounter with them was really THAT mundane. They’re people who are like robots (unfortunately, not remarkable ones like R2D2)  – they function and were there for whatever they needed to do with you at that time, and that’s it.



Energy suckers suck the life out of you when you come into contact with them. They always appear tired, lifeless and are usually extremely slow. They often talk really soft, sound muffled or talk and react very slowly too, which can downright be annoying, especially when you’re really busy or you’re in a hurry. Most of all, the body language they use is so dead you wonder how they are still alive. People who are genuinely sick or unwell do not belong to this category – I’m talking about healthy people who have a talent in draining life from everyone around them because they just suck (their personalities, their ethics, the way they communicate & etc). I know it sounds cruel, but if you’ve encountered enough of these energy-suckers in life, you’d know exactly what I mean. They’re like Rogue from X-men – the only difference is that they don’t have to touch you to suck your energy and take all of your life force. They do it just by being around you. You’d always remember them, because you pray to God you’ll never ever have to see them again.

I’ve always made it a point to never surround myself with energy-suckers or be an energy-sucker myself. I’d never say “yes” to hanging around or working with a person if he or she was an energy-sucker. I’ve come across enough of them to know that despite however great their portfolios or ideas may be, nothing good ever came out of spending time with them or working with them. Why? Because people with such low energy levels are generally takers and talkers (not to mention, bad ones too), NOT doers.

Birds of a feather flock together – if you’re a doer or want to be a doer, you’ve got to be a doer yourself and surround yourself with doers, the energisers! 🙂

A quick pic after the officially launching the new Nokia smartphones. Paniz from the agency was a darling to work with 🙂

Being genuinely sick and tired during that period, if I had really shown low energy through out the meetings and rehearsal during the event, it wouldn’t have been a crime.

Still, I believe you can always make a person’s day better (especially when it comes to work) by being a giver – an energiser. The energiser is a doer because the energiser constantly makes effort not only to stay energised but also to energise others. Being the energiser can be tiring, but being the energiser is both beneficial to the giver and the receiver. The giver forgets or distracts himself/herself from his/her lack of energy or fatigue (and usually feels better as a result), while the receiver feels energised, inspired or motivated by the giver’s presence – which makes for a more pleasant experience of time shared together.

Being an introvert myself, I’d think that’s pretty darn important. Otherwise, I’d really rather just spend time alone, doing my own stuff! For an introvert, it’s tiring enough being around people all day, what more people who suck the life out of you.

Fortunately, the whole team I worked with for this event were energisers too – I definitely felt bettter rather than drained working along side them. I guess good energy is always contagious and it never hurts to give some and spread some.

Which energy group do you belong to?

And who are you surrounding yourself with?

Whichever energy group you belong to, remember – it’s a choice.

With Vijay Thangavelu, County Manager (Malaysia and Myanmar) of HMD Global – super nice dude who insisted on my going home earlier the night before, just because I was pregnant!

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Emceeing for Nokia & 3 Types of Social Energy