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Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to experience the world’s first street-food-meets-fine-dining cullinary mash-up between two Michelin star chefs!

And I when I say experience, I literally mean experience the event, rather than taste the food! :_(

Tiger Beer had started their latest campaign, “Tiger Streats”, which first kicked off in Sydney before moving on to Auckland and New York and then finally back here in KL last Saturday. The campaign was based on the notion that Tiger Beer and street food bring people closer together, and I must say, they did a really good job in creating that experience for everyone that night!

I didn’t get a chance to taste the signature and collaboration dishes by both the Michelin star chefs, Hawker Chan & Jeff Ramsay, though – I was too busy emceeing the whole night through. Hawker Chan’s famous for his Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle in Singapore, and his hawker stand was the first to have ever been awarded the Michelin star. Jeff Ramsay on the other hand’s the former executive chef of the Michelin awarded Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Hotel. He’s also the current chef & owner of the progressive modernist restaurant, Babe KL.


I love food, so you can imagine my disappointment of having no chance to taste their awesomeness! LOL.

That said, I had expected it – I don’t normally have the chance to eat while hosting an event. I’d normally have an early dinner before the event, but because I had a really late lunch as a result from the dry run which lasted past noon, I went with a half-empty stomach. Good thing I brought some back-up – my kitkats! 😀

As usual I bumped into a number of familiar faces at the event and made some new friends – the perks of the job I suppose. The event ended at 11.30pm that night with all attendees pretty happy. I was tired, but right after I said my goodbyes, it was time to go back for a quick shower only to head immediately to Penang! If only there were flights from KL to Penang at that hour – my poor hubby had to drive me up then. He was very willing. One of the privileges of being married, I suppose. Haha.

I didn’t catch much sleep in the car, despite my efforts and tiredness, and by the time we got there, I only had about 2 and half hours sleep before rising again to host the event. Jumping out of bed that morning to shower, dress-up and “paint” my face felt like pushing a car up the hill while trying to jumpstart it. It was definitely not a morning that I would readily slap any falsies on, and definitely not after what disastrous drama I had from the last time I had falsies on. Read about it here.

Thankfully the full-day “Feng Shui & Astrology 2017” event I had to emcee that day went smoothly. By the end of the event, my eyelids felt like they weighed a hundred tonnes, but this was easily sorted once I rewarded myself with some crabs for dinner! My eyelid muscles were back to their Arnold Schwarzenegger form right after 😀

If you’re wondering what magical crabs I had for dinner, they were the Chilli & Salted Egg Crabs at Super Crab Aroma Seafood Restaurant. I was going to try the Hai Boey Crabs at first, but it turns out Super Crab Aroma was much nearer to where I was.

Moral of the story is, for a perfect way to end a crazy weekend and Arnold Schwarzenegger eyelid muscles, have some crabs! 😀

Photos courtesy of Tiger Beer Malaysia.


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Emceeing Tiger Beer’s Tiger Streats 2016