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While I was a Radio DJ, my station asked us (the deejays) to answer a couple of questions so they can put them up on our website for our listeners to get to know us a little better.

I can’t remember all the questions, but I recall one of them was along the lines of “Tell us something that most people wouldn’t know about you.”

To which I answered, “I once appeared in a British Gay Magazine, for accidentally winning a karaoke competition!” 😛

I forgot all about this until I found this a few days back while digging around some of my ol’ stuff at my parents place. I was actually looking for videos of my 1st dog who passed away, Rogue – I haven’t found them yet 🙁 While I was disappointed that I didn’t find what I was looking for, stumbling across this made me laugh out loud.


It cracks me up because I never thought I’d be featured on any media during my time in London, what more by accident, in a magazine that was definitely not conventional. And when I say not conventional, I don’t mean because it’s a gay magazine, but because the back pages are dominated by adverts for male escorts, where they openly advertise their *ahems*. And I have to say, those guys are quite the specimen – I can’t imagine how many hours and what diets they practice to have and maintain such fit bodies! I feel inspired already to hit the gym – something of which I’d normally drag myself to. I would have posted a pic of one of those pages here so you’d get what I mean, but so many of them are also just pics focusing on their private parts that it might be little too heavy for those who are underage.

Anyway, if you’re wondering how I accidentally got featured in this magazine, it’s not because I frequented gay bars in London often. I just so happen to be out with my friends that night, and we came across the Karaoke Bar where everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun – I had no idea if it was a gay bar or not (my friends have always said my “gaydar” is bad, as in my radar to detect a person’s sexual preference is poor). But even if I knew, it wouldn’t have mattered to me – I never thought a person’s sexual preference mattered that much and never felt uncomfortable if someone else’s was different from mine.

So there we were, having loads of fun and singing away with everyone else, when suddenly the whole thing was actually a Karaoke Competition going on! LOL.

I was there with my friends from my music school – we were still budding singers, and it just seemed like a fun place to test out our skills. And before I knew it, a few judges suddenly stepped up to the mic to announce that I was the winner of the competition. But as they asked where I was from, expecting me to name a suburb of some sort in London, I said, instead “Erm…I’m Malaysian. I’m from Malaysia”, it resulted with a disappointed  “Oh.” from them.

This then led to some heavy discussion between them before they then announced that I was the runner-up instead. LOL. I’m not sure why this happened, but heck, I wasn’t there to win anything. My friends and some other patrons of the bar were a little upset, but I had a great night and to me, I was just happy that people have enjoyed my so-called “singing practice” at the bar 😛

So when a few days later, my friend told me that we were both in the magazine (he heard from a friend) and gave the magazine to me to have a look – I was hell surprised! It was something I sure didn’t expect, and I definitely didn’t expect a kind mention of my voice and my “entourage” too. LOL.


But more than that, we now have an actual memoir to commemorate that night when we had so much fun. I knew that one day we’d look back at this and laugh, and because back then we didn’t have phones we could take wefies or pictures with to capture that moment, this would be priceless.

That night was special to me for 2 reasons – the fun I had with my friends, and also the breakthrough I achieved with my voice (I could finally project my voice as powerfully as I wanted). Of course, that was only one of the many other breakthroughs I had to go through with my voice, but any breakthrough mattered and still matters. And of course, back then while I was in London, it mattered so much because I spent endless hours working on my voice.

And by endless, I mean at least, 5 hours a day, everyday 😉

Gotta keep this going! There’s absolutely no end to this vocal journey!

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