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I won’t deny it.

One of the questions I get asked most (not related to¬†vocal tips) is “How do you stay this slim after all these years?”.

My answer – my genes & exercise! ūüôā

I have my mother’s bottomless-pit-for-a-stomach, and the¬†inablity to put on weight even after much induldgence. I’d love to say this was a family trait, but my brothers aren’t as lucky…muahahaha.

That said, because everything I eat never seems to¬†show (or add up) on my body, I didn’t practice very good eating habits – I’d normally over eat. I’m a foodie and I eat fast, so you can imagine how that goes.

I only started paying attention to how much I was eating when I ate regularly with my work colleagues and realised I always ate much more than them (and they were men). The turning point was when one of my colleagues confessed that he was SERIOUSLY frightened by me when he first met me because he had never seen a girl with such an appetite, and one who could eat that much.

I was of course a little shocked, but his face showed a genuine fear that made me realise that¬†my food intake wasn’t exactly normal and could not be healthy too. I had already suspected this because I would normally feel really sluggish after all that food and feel tired throughout the day.

And so, this spurred me to make an effort to eat sufficiently and more healthily rather than gobbling everything in front of me like I’m DBKL clearing rubbish on the table. I was after all, often the one asked to finish any leftover food by my friends :S

Today,¬†I still eat more than the average girl I suppose. However,¬†I’d say I definitely don’t overeat as before.

While I was a Radio DJ, I was barely interested in any form of exercise. Working everyday¬†from 4.30am to 9pm with the breakfast show in the morning until the afternoon and vocal training and/or events from then on to night, it just didn’t make the whole idea of exercising all that enticing. Any spare time I had, I just wanted to lie down in bed in my pyjamas.

However, there¬†came¬†a period where quite a few of my loved ones and friends started to discover they were ill – most had cancer. All of them started exercising regularly as way to keep their bodies strong to fight the disease while they undergo treatments and such. I began to admire their spirit and discipline in exercising regularly despite however sick or weak they felt. It made me realise that if a person who’s unwell can be that disciplined to keep his/her body fit, I as a healthy person owe it to myself to do it too!

So I started by dragging myself to the gym once a week. I’d like to say that I started feeling great immediately, but I’d be lying.¬†Only when I realised my triceps and thighs can afford to be tighter then I started pushing more! LOL. What can I say, vanity is a great motivation for exercise!

Now my normal gym routine, three times a week, consists of:

  • 20 mins on the treadmill (alternating between sprinting and brisk walking)
  • Leg-toning exercises
  • Abdominal-toning exercises
  • Arm-toning exercises
  • Planking

And I can surely see the results and feel the difference! I’d actually make myself work out first thing in the morning now if I ever had an event on that day itself.

But here’s a new thing I’ve also just recently added to my “healthy” routine. A brand new pair of hot pants!

I’ve always been a fan of longer pants at gym despite the warm weather – I just like how it looks and how it makes me sweat. So you can imagine my delight when Jonlivia sent me a pair of their hotpants to try.

Jonlivia Hot Pants & Arm Shapers

The package.


Jonlivia Hot Pants & Arm Shapers

What’s inside.

I’ve been wearing the full-length tights by Adidas and also Under Armour’s Yoga Pants a lot to the gym, and swapping between these two through out the week was wearing them out – I could do with an extra pants.

From when I received them, I’ve been using Jonlivia’s Hotpants & Arm Shapers for the last 4 weeks everytime I hit the gym. And I must say, they couldn’t have chosen a more apt name for their pants.¬†I got the full length pair, and at first touch, I was reminded of the wetsuit I wore while filming for 8TV Quickie’s Pulau Perhentian Scuba-diving Episode.

This¬†shouldn’t be all that suprising,¬†given that¬†wetsuits and Jonlivia’s hotpants are made of the same material – neoprene! The hotpants are¬†made of 100% neoprene – they feel¬†soft, stretchable & light.

I decided I would only post or share about it after a few weeks using them, because I know with gym tights/pants, you can’t really tell if they’re good quality or not (if they’ll last long without looking really worn) until¬†after weeks of wearing them.

My verdict?

This pants is perfect for those who want to really sweat out their legs while at the gym! Every time I return from the gym and strip them off, my legs are completely wet (full of sweat) like I’ve gone to the sauna, although the sweat isn’t dripping off my legs. The other pants I’ve been wearing doesn’t sweat my legs out just as much. This pants makes me feel like I’m¬†maxing out the effects of¬†my gym time on my legs. And they wash well and dry pretty fast – good for me because I go to the gym three times a week. So far after 4 weeks, they still look pretty fresh, so I think they’re holding up pretty well despite the frequent uses and wash. Perhaps the only setback of this pants is that it feels like I’m adding a little more resistance to my legs while I’m on the treadmill – it feels much warmer and like I need to put in a little more effort to stretch my legs as I run and brisk walk. But the “resistance” seems worthwhile with all the sweat it breaks. I have to emphasise though, I work out in a non air-conditioned gym.

The Arm Shapers worked similarly, though the sweaty effect wasn’t quite as dramatic as the pants – probably because I don’t do that much arm-toning exercises as compared to leg-toning.

Janice Yap Fitness Vocal Coach

This is an XS. As with other brands, a size S might have fit me better in terms of length, but I’m not quite sure if an S would have fit my waist this well.

Overall, I’m quite happy with Jonlivia’s Hotpants and probably wouldn’t mind trying their other products in future, like their hotbelts! Haha.

Anyway,¬†if you’re looking to sweat your legs out too, you can grab your own pair from their website. Just click here.¬†


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