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So often, when we’re having a sore throat, or when our voice feels super dry and scratchy, the first advice you’d be offered is to drink lots of water. Or lots of honey and water.

But if you’ve checked out my previous Vlog on Hydration (as below), you’d already know that when you drink water (or any other liquids), it takes some time before that water hydrates your vocal cords, and even when it does, it won’t be that full amount – which is why keeping yourself hydrated all the time is important, instead of downing all that water only when your throat or voice feels dry.



The good news is, there’s a quick way to hydrate your vocal cords instantly!

Although this really shouldn’t be taken as the only way to hydrate your vocal cords in replacement of actually consuming water 😛

So what is it?

You can STEAM your vocal cords – or give them a sauna! 😀

Basically, we can do some steam-inhaling. And you can do it in 3 ways:

  1. Take a 20 min hot shower / bath
    • Remember, there must be steam in the air for this to be effective. I personally find this hard to do though, taking a 20 min shower is pretty long! As for baths, the steam can fade out really fast in a bathroom. It’s also not as ‘fresh hot’ as the steam you get from the running water of a hot shower. On top of that, if you’re planning to hydrate your vocal cords by taking baths, in the long run, you’ll be using awfully lots of water :S
  2. Use a steam inhaler
    • You can buy a steam inhaler online. They are easy to use, and will cause you the least hassle as compared to the other ways to steam your vocal cords.
    • There are quite a lot of types of steam inhalers…if you’re wondering how they look like and roughly how they work, check out the pics below 🙂
    • 164872110 img55948023
  3. Use your own DIY steam inhaler
    • Fill a bowl with hot water (not boiling hot, as the steam may be too hot). Make sure there’s some steam coming out of the water and check that the steam’s not too hot that it’ll burn your face.
    • Put the bowl on a table, and get a towel.
    • Wrap your towel around your nose and mouth as you hover your face just over the bowl – inhale the steam through your mouth and/or nose. It’s not a crime if you wanna put the towel over your whole head to do this – the idea is to prevent the steam from escaping and inhale as much steam as you can.
    • Do this for about 5 – 15 mins, depending on how much hydration you’re aiming for. I’d normally do it for about 15 mins – greedy me 🙂

Steam inhaling can also help relief congestions and cough, by the way.

So the next time you’re nasal tract, or your throat doesn’t feel so well and you need to recover real quick or you’re just desperate to feel better, try this 🙂

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How To Hydrate Your Vocal Cords Instantly (Vlog)