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As you know, I normally post vocal tips for singing here on my blog (and YouTube). However, as a Vocal Coach I do train many for public speaking too. In fact, the whole of this year, most of my workshops and talks (including for Masters of Success) have been concentrated more so on public speaking.

This was to accommodate for a growing audience who have the desire to improve their communication, presentation and public speaking skills. And of course, this is not all that surprising, as even people who already in the entertainment industry also see the need to continuously improve such skills to keep ahead in their game.

Vocal Coach for JC Chee Ola Bola

Ola Bola’s Lead Actor JC Chee dropped by for one of my public speaking workshops this year and I was thrilled! 🙂

As such, just last week, I worked with 3 wonderful ladies – 1 from Singapore, 1 who just got back from Australia, and another from Malaysia.

We did a crash course on public speaking over just a few days, and had only 3 vocal sessions altogether before they put together the “show” below. I’ve included the “before and after” so you can see how far they’ve come 🙂


This video is unedited (taken in one take), because in a real-life public speaking scenario, every speaker would normally be expected to deliver their message without being able to pause & rewind or restart. I was standing behind the camera and sometimes to the right, which explains what Vivien may be looking at every now and then – in case you’re wondering 😛

Considering that Vivien, Yirin & Jean have had zero experience speaking in public speaking and they’ve only had 3 vocal session this time around, they’ve come a long way! And the best thing is, they did it all without having to refer to any paper or slides.

There are many ways to improve our public speaking skills, and if this is your desire, here are some of which you can work on:

#1 Mind Mapping

Have a clear map as to what it is you’ll be talking about. Using Speech Maps™ would help tremendously:

  • It helps you remember what you want to say very clearly and effectively, without having to refer to any notes or slides.
  • You mind will never go blank again while you’re halfway delivering your speech or presentation. You will also not end up rambling on points that are redundant and risk sounding boring or naggy.
  • You can focus on speaking to your audience, rather than at your audience – because you can focus on speaking and building a connection with your audience rather than having to memorise your points.

#2 Crafting Your Body Language

Body language speaks volumes of whatever it is you’re trying to communicate. In public speaking, having the right type of body language can send out vibes of what kind of person you are (confident/nervous, experienced/newbie, have class/lack class, fun/boring, trustworthy/unreliable & etc).

The right body language can also help you with the following:

  • Reinforce your message
  • Boost your confidence in your delivery
  • Increase the participation of your audience
  • Improve your memory on the subject you’re talking about
  • Make an immediate connection with your audience

#3 Vocal Intonation

People do not always remember exactly what it is you say, but they will always remember how you make them feel. And the stirrer of emotions is the voice that you use to communicate with. Vocal intonation refers to the “song” that you use while you’re speaking, and the “song” (or melody) matters. Think of it this way, how many times have you found yourself subconsciously humming a tune of a song of which you’d normally be too embarassed to even sing outloud? I’m talking about songs with catchy or great tunes, but really lame or just plain lazy lyrics of which you don’t appreciate. Somehow, we are wired to like certain types of melodies more than others (they play on repeat in our heads), and as such, this is something that can definitely work to our advantage in public speaking. If we can use vocal intonations that people enjoy listening to, we’d have them glued to their seats and even approaching us after the talk! Vocal intonation can also help with the following:

  • Set & capture your audience into the right mood
  • Command attention from the very start
  • Have a magnetic voice that just keeps people listening
  • Project true confidence, trustworthiness & experience
  • Establish a deep connection with your audience

These are just snippets of what’s covered in our Public Speaking Courses at Life Academy. For more info, click here.

Hopefully this gets you started, and the girls have inspired you to improve your public speaking skills to go forth and get what it is you’re after! 🙂

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