Singing Hydration
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Starbucks water anyone?

You know, I’m the kind of person who never drinks enough water everyday. So, to make myself drink more water (or drink water more regularly), I now rely on an app!

It’s called the Daily Water, and whenever I finish a glass of water now, I can click on the glasses on this app (out of 9 other glasses) and it gives me that gulp and “aah” that gives me the feeling like I’ve accomplished something for the day – it feels great! 😛

More importantly, I’m drinking enough water now everyday, and as we know it, hydration is important for all singers – because hydration keeps our vocal cords limber, and it helps us maintain the protective mucosal lining on the vocal cords that protects them from the natural friction that happens whenever we make a sound (when we speak or when we sing).

But here’s the thing, most people believe that they can hydrate their vocal cords immediately the moment they drink water – that’s not how it works. For example, if I were to finish a whole glass of water right now, it’ll probably take at least 20 – 30 minutes for that amount of water to go through my whole system before it’ll go on to hydrate my vocal cords.

So, if you’ve got a performance coming up, drinking water just before you perform is not gonna work. Check out what I mean in the video at 1:32 – 2:10. Instead, what you should be doing is (if you wanna hydrate your vocal cords), is to drink water at least 20 – 30 minutes before you perform. That said, it’s still best to keep yourself hydrated all the time to keep your vocal cords hydrated.

That aside, what I really like about this app (and no, I’m not sponsored by Daily Water, in case you’re wondering…I just think it’s a really good app for singers) is that you can also schedule reminders on when you should drink water! So, whenever you get swamped with work, or you’re caught up in a meeting and you totally forget that you’re suppose to drink that glass of water, don’t worry. This app will remind you to do so (check out 2:30 – 2:48) 😀

Any further questions on hydration or singing? Ask away…I’ll be back with my next vocal tip next week 🙂

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Singing Hydration
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