Janice Yap and the Kuching audience
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Janice Yap and the Kuching audience

Demonstrating vocal techniques used in singing that can enhance your speaking voice

As you might already know, I was one of the speakers at the recent summit, “Masters of Success 2015” at Kuching.

I was told by the organisers just a week before that many of the attendees were especially curious about me, because I was the only Vocal Coach¬†who was speaking at the event. Most of them had no clue as to what a Vocal Coach is, and was puzzled as to what I’d be sharing with them on that day.

When I heard this, I couldn’t help but burst out laughing ūüėõ I can understand the curiosity, given the fact that vocal coaches are not normally tossed into the limelight and work from behind the scenes, nurturing other talents instead. It’s no wonder at all that most people don’t even know that such an expertise exists, what more know much about how vocal training can help them.

A large friendly and participative audience from Kuching listens attentively during Janice's session on "Voice Out!"

Love the people of Kuching – such a large, friendly and participative audience during my session on “Voice Out!” at Masters of Success 2015, Kuching

I’ve conducted a number of workshops on Public Speaking this year, and having finished the ‘Sound of Success’ Programme recently, I’ve decided to bring Singing to the people of Kuching ūüôā

This is because for people who can already speak reasonably well and are great with content don’t necessarily need to attend Public Speaking courses and such to improve their vocal delivery for their speeches or presentation. Instead, sometimes all they really need is some vocal training, such as the training we use in singing!

Why? Well, here are, just to name a few, some of the things of which singing can help you improve significantly:

  • vocal projection (help you speak much louder and clearer to a larger audience)
  • vocal tone (have a more captivating & engaging sound)
  • vocal range (improve your vocal intonation, making your sound much more interesting)
  • expression (by using various vocal gears to add dimensions and various characters to your voice, making you a better communicator)
  • confidence (by having better control of your voice which results in better vocal delivery)

The voice was made to sing. And by singing, you discover your true vocal capacity.

Improving your singing voice inevitably improves your speaking voice. Isn’t that great? The same can’t be said the other way around though, unfortunately.

That said, no matter how¬†mesmerising your voice is, if public speaking is what you aim for, it’s worthwhile to brush up your command of the language you’d like to speak or present in – you can have the most mesmerising voice in the world, but if you can’t speak fluently in a language, it’s gonna be hard to express yourself, what more show just how great a speaker you are or how great a voice you have.

It’d be a little like when Jon Bon Jovi took on the popular Chinese song, “Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin”. Without a doubt, he’s a great singer with a great voice – but it didn’t come across as obvious as usual when he took on a song of a foreign language. If you haven’t seen it, here it is:

That said, I love Bon Jovi.

My point is, if you feel like you need work in planning and forming your speech content, organising your thoughts, flowing from one point to another, having better body language, commanding attention and mesmerising your audience & etc, you might want to focus your vocal training on Public Speaking.

Where as if you feel like your¬†already pretty good at all that, but for some reason your voice just doesn’t seem to deliver all that you have to say the way you want it too (your voice doesn’t cooperate very well with you) or you feel like your voice simply doesn’t reflect who you are and command the attention you desire, you can consider¬†focusing your vocal training on Singing instead ūüėČ

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Janice Yap and the Kuching audience
Janice Yap at Masters of Success 2015, Kuching