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It’s Merdeka today 🙂

In case you’re in the mood for some singing, here’s a little something for you.

I was helping a student out with her vocal tone the other day when I realised how this was such a common vocal problem that many singers encountered, so…why not Vlog about it? 🙂

This is for anyone who would like to sound less childlike when speaking or singing. For those who are not having such trouble though, this would shed some light on how you can make your sound brighter or warmer (or even more childlike or more matured). Yes, you are capable of both!

Here’s what we need to do:

Watch The Position Of Your Larynx

If “Larynx” is entirely new to you, no worries! In layman terms, it’s your Adam’s apple.

When the larynx is raised up high as we sing or speak, the tone of our voices naturally become brighter, thinner sounding and somewhat more childlike.

Placing your hand on your Adam’s apple, try swallowing a couple of times to feel what it’s like when you move your larynx up and down. Once you get use to the sensation of moving your larynx up and down, you can consciously control the position of your larynx.

When speaking or singing and wanting to sound less childlike, it’s best to keep the position of the larynx neutral  so that the sound of our voices are not modified. Check out the video to see the examples of speaking & singing with a high larynx.

Keep Your Mouth Open, Rather Than Compressed

When our mouths are compressed, like somewhat squashed, with the back of the tongue pressed really close towards the ceiling of the mouth (our palates), the sound of our voices will also be compressed.

Very often, this leads to a more nasally sounding voice, one that usually also sounds more childlike than your true voice or more cartoon-character like.

If we relax the tongue and keep the mouth open (back of the tongue is not raised), it will lesson all of those effects.

These are simple steps to having a less childlike sounding voice. If you’re still facing any problems, you know what to do! Ask away below 😉



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How To Have A Less Childlike Sounding Voice