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Cover time!


I feel guilty…I’ve started this “Kage” thingy to make sure I’d drop more music stuff from time to time, but with the other ongoing stuff I’ve had to do, it’s been real difficult! :S

I heard this tune on youtube, and I thought it was sweet  – it’s got such a high-school crush sort of feeling, and it’s so cute that Gwen Stefani’s allegedly singing about Blake Shelton in this song.

I have to confess though, I didn’t spend as much time on this as I ought to, so brace yourself (or your ears)…haha. I just got a GoPro camera and thought it might be nice to record it this way instead of my usual one-take video that Steven (our videographer) shoots, with no mics.

While working on this (playing all the instruments on it), only did I realise how rusty I’ve become in making music with my computer! Consequences of not spending much time doing just that for a while now… eek! Sometimes I just feel like I don’t have enough time to do all that I want…

I wanna write & produce more music.

I wanna go snowboarding.

I wanna take up horse riding.

I also wanna get a motorbike license.

I wanna go on a road trip with my gal friends.

And the list goes on and on.

Thankfully, God has been so wonderful to already help me check some other things off that list this year.

As for the rest that are still on that list…we’ll see! 🙂



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Make Me Like You, Gwen Stefani (Cover) by Kage