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Janice Yap Celebrity Emcee Hosts Matrix Titan Challenge

Posing while the women competitors were warming up ūüėõ

It was a Sunday morning, when I had to rise at 3.30am (having only about 4 hours of sleep) to head down to Seremban to arrive by 5am for my briefing!

My job was to emcee the event from 6am. Hence, why.

The drive there was alright. Surprisingly, I wasn’t all that sleepy. I contemplated getting a driver to send me, but I hated the idea of a driver waiting for me to finish while doing nothing, and also worried about having to wait too long for him to pick me up if he wanted to go and come back. So I settled on driving myself there¬†ūüėČ

When I arrived, it was still dark, but many people were already there. The Matrix Titan Challenge is the biggest inflatable challenge in Malaysia, so I can imagine why. There was a lot of anticipation for the inflatable obstacles that the contestants will have to go through. But really, if there’s still a little kid in you somewhere, how can anyone not¬†like this?! Imagine, towering giant-sized slides for you to explore and play with your friends all day. I LOVE IT!


How can anyone not like this?

How can anyone not like this?


Or this?

Or this?


Admittedly, these days I do lack friends who’d actually picture this as fun though. LOL.

Because most of my friends in KL would rather sleep in on a Saturday, and those who are gamed enough for this sort of thing simply do not live in Malaysia anymore. Boo hoo.

The “briefing” turned out to be literally¬†brief ūüėõ

And as I waited for the event to start, I had time to gobble down some biscuits to made sure I had the energy to prance around as needed. And good thing I did. Because as soon as the event started, it was pretty much quick-moving.

I could barely catch my breath as I had to keep up with the contestants as they ran and conquered all 7 giant inflatable obstacles. And I had to do it thrice! Once for the men’s category, another for the women’s and the last for the fun run. Thankfully I didn’t have to run all the way through – some parts I had the team send me on a buggy or a motorbike. I’m surprised I could still commentate through my wireless mic while running alongside the contestants. I guess the 3 times to gym every week has finally paid off!

The sun definitely was¬†a diva that day – it decided to shine at it’s best, for the whole morning and afternoon. Everyone sweltered under the heat for sure, and for the first time, I was actively searching for¬†and drinking water through out the hours (I usually don’t drink enough in a day). I honestly thought the weather kinda sucked because we were all dying under the sun, but then it would be suckier if it was raining. Because that would mean that¬†we’ll all have to go home! If only Malaysia had a 20-something degree sort of temperature – it’d be perfect.

That said, every contestant and fun participant runner was a fighter to the very end. No one threw tantrums and gave up halfway, and thankfully no one collapsed from any medical conditions that could have arose from the challenge. Also, no one did any kung-fu sort of stuff to hurt anyone else while trying to win the competition. And no one attempted the suicide-superman position down the slides Рphew!

Crowd-wise, it was simply perfect. They were perfect.

Here are some of the top 20 runners...all clearly still energetic after the run :S

Here are some of the top 20 runners…all clearly still energetic after the run :S


This is while we were waiting for the Fun Run to begin...

This is while we were waiting for the Fun Run to begin…

I enjoyed commentating on them from afar (they couldn’t tell where I was, because I was running and strolling around with the wireless mic). It was hilarious when they suddenly realised that the voiceover that they were listening to, was talking about them. The common¬†response was they’d open their eyes and mouth wide, somewhat slightly embarrassed, and then breaking out into laughter and moving on quicker down the track because they knew everyone’s attention was on them. Most of them would also be turning their heads to the left and the right, trying to hunt me down ¬†– the “omnipresent” being¬†that seems to watching them from some hidden place in the venue. LOL.

Spurring the participants at the very end was also particularly fun – most slowed down towards the finishing line and was gonna walk their way towards the finishing line. But with a reminder like “Just imagine that ice-cold water waiting for you after that finishing line…and all the yummy food…and your medal…and the pictures waiting to take your victorious face…” they all quickened their pace and finished fashionably!

This was the last inflatable obstacle they had to conquer before the finishing line...

This was the last inflatable obstacle they had to conquer before the finishing line…

It just goes to show that sometimes all we need is a little voice to spur us on.

Even if you have no idea where that voice is coming from.

I hope you find that little voice of yours everyday.

If not, be that voice yourself! ūüôā

We can all do with a little pep-talk for ourselves every now and then.

One wife with the photographers of the event before we called it quits.

A wefie with the photographers of the event before we called it a day.

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Emceeing The Matrix Titan Challenge 2016