The Mistletoe Fishing Rod
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Everyone’s getting real busy, and….so am I. With unconventional work! 😛

I’m quite notorious for drafting our ridiculously ugly storyboards, so that’s what I’ve been working on – I’ve got something up my sleeves! #coming soon

I used to love handicraft – it was one of my hobbies, so naturally, instead of just going out to hunt for props that I need for my upcoming projcet, I decided to just make them if possible. So I dug a twig out of the waste bin from my office (thankfully it’s not all that dirty, phew!) and thought I’d make a….


All you need is a mistletoe, springy metallic gold ribbon, some tape and a pair or scissors.

Watch the video and see how it’s done…though I admit that my handicraft skills ain’t great 😛

Also, find out what you can use it for. I”ll share the real reason why I made it soon enough.

Stay tuned.

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The Mistletoe Fishing Rod
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