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DURATION: 5 Hours 13 Mins, 19 Lectures

Course Summary

A complete syllabus that will help you unlock your voice and allow you to sing freely and healthily with great vocal power, range, control, connection & flexibility. This course is an essential tool for any singer who wants to draw out their true and best singing skills. Unlock Your Voice reveals the vocal techniques professional singers have been using all along, and is designed to equip you with the knowledge needed to continuously improve your voice on your own, even after completing this course.

Course Goals

  • Sing like the greatest singers do, but in your own voice!
  • Unlock your natural ability to sing; belt out high notes easily, sing freely without any strain or vocal cracks across a wide vocal range, sing with great vocal projection and breath control, and develop your own unique sound.
  • Get behind the vocal techniques your favourite singers have been using to get that sound that you like – learn and apply it to your own voice!
  • Get into the habit of singing healthily, eventually making singing as easy as speaking.

Suitable for:

  • Absolute new to advanced singers.
  • Singers who want a complete vocal training programme that can help them sing with great vocal range, connection, power, endurance, flexibility and ease.
  • Singers who want to dramatically improve their singing ability while developing a unique voice and vocal style.

What you'll learn

  • Vocal Fundamentals
  • Overcoming Stage Fright
  • Vocal Anatomy
  • Posture & Physical Warmups
  • Breath Control & Breath Support
  • Vocal Warm-ups
  • Vocal Projection (Maximising Vocal Resonance)
  • Vocal Cord Closure
  • Vocal Range (How to access your full vocal range and/or expand it)
  • Vocal Connection (Getting a good mix, a nice seamless connected voice throughout your vocal range)
  • Vocal Gears (Anchor, Frost, Cry & Belt) that can help you achieve great vocal control and develop a unique voice and singing style
  • Shaping vowels to sing better
  • How to sing breathily healthily
  • How to belt high notes
  • How to sing high and low notes with power
  • How to sustain and sing notes more comfortably
  • How to sing more dynamically (not sound boring or monotonous when delivering a song)
  • Larynx positions and it’s affects on the voice
  • How to modify you sound with vocal placements – front and back
  • How to improve vocal connection
  • How to troubleshoot and overcome some of the most common vocal problems that singers face

What you'll need

  • A room or space to practise in. We’ll be making some crazy sounds!
  • A mirror, at some point. You’ll understand why when that moment comes.
  • Commitment to practice all of the exercises as often as you can.


The complete Unlock Your Voice programme, perfect for students who want to increase the capacity, flexibility and diversity of their voices – students who want to unlock the full spectrum of their vocal potential and develop their own unique sound and style of singing.

This programme combines the syllabus of Level 1 – 4, all into one, to be learnt at your own pace.

It begins by first helping you to build a strong foundation for your voice to work at it’s best and gain better vocal stamina to last long hours of singing and speaking. While building this foundation, you will learn how stage fright affects the voice, and what can be done to lessen or dampen its effects on your voice.

Thereafter you will be walked through the mechanics of the voice, equipping yourself with what all singers need to know about their Vocal Anatomy. From there you will learn how to create more awareness and engage in all of the Vocal Trinity (The Power Source, The Vibrator and the Resonator), which is necessary for any singer who wants to sing in their best-sounding voice. You will learn how to practice good posture, breath control, and vocal-warmups to condition the Vocal Trinity to cooperate well with you when it comes to singing.

Once you’ve got that going, you can then move on to maximising your vocal projection. Learn the easiest and quickest ways to get a projected voice, and condition your body to provide stronger breath support as needed in vocal projection and for you to learn advanced vocal techniques.

As your vocal projection improves, the programme will stir you into expanding your vocal range, by strengthening all of your Vocal Registers (chest voice, mix/middle voice, head voice & whistle register). You will learn how to be sing any notes, whether high or low, in the most comfortable way, by using all of your vocal registers. But that’s not all, you will also learn how to connect all these registers well, so you can have a good vocal mix; use ‘one voice’ that can sing across all of your vocal range.

From there, you’ll move on to increasing your vocal connection, by learning how to engage in the 4 Vocal Gears. The 4 vocal gears help you tap into your natural ability to sing, making it possible for you to sing in all sorts of styles (ethereal and smooth, chesty/shouty, metallic/edgy & belt) almost effortlessly. These vocal gears are commonly used by professional singers in Contemporary Music, and are absolutely necessary for any singer who wishes to be able to take on any song with confidence, great vocal control and style. You will also learn how to mix and switch these vocal gears effectively to help you accomplish better vocal dynamics and enhance your overall vocal performance.

The last part of the programme is designed to help you get that ‘x-factor’ sound in the higher and lower part of your vocal range – to help you sing powerfully in your chest and head voice. The same segment is dedicated to ensure that you’ll be always be able to approach those ‘difficult’ high and low notes with no strain or discomfort.

The programme will then conclude with a troubleshooting segment to address all of the common vocal problems that singers face – from sounding too nasally, child-like and/or artificial, to trouble sustaining notes, vocal connection, hitting high notes, to breath support & etc.

Additional Materials

+ Study notes.

+ Audio files to practice with.

+ Short quizzes to test & refresh your knowledge.

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