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I know it’s been a while since I dropped my vocal tips on Youtube – it’s because I’ve been doing so via Facebook instead every Tuesday or Thursday (what I call “Talk Tuesdays/Thursdays”).  I’ve been going on live on Facebook to answer all the vocal questions you’ve been sending me (some related to Public Speaking, mostly Singing) and also doing demonstrations on how to solve some of the vocal problems and challenges you’re going through there. It’s a live vocal Q&A sessino I’ve been trying to have every week.

When exactly will be the nect Facebook Live Q&A session? Stay tuned to Facebook.com/JaniceYapFB and I’ll keep you posted there. I’ve been meaning to keep this a weekly at thing. However, so far I haven’t been able to make it every single week because of my busy schedule. Nonetheless, I’ll come on as often as I can! Thanks for joining me in every session thus far 😀

Alright, so what do I have lined up for you today, literally?

The Euky Bear Steam Inhaler!

I found this while I was just strolling around at a Pharmacy the other day, and when I did, I thought to myself, “My dream has finally come true!”.

I’ve been seaching for a steam inhaler for ages. I know you can find them online, but I always prefered to buy a steam inhaler like this one – simple, portable and reusable. This is what every speaker or singer should have, especially if you’re the sort of person who always find that you’re often down with nasal congestions, prone to sorethroats, inflammed throats or dry throats. This will be perfect for you! For me, this is really handy because due to allergies, I have a lot of ongoing sinusitis problems. This is why I love anything that can give me a quick relief or clearance of nasal congestion.

I talked about vocal hydration before here. In that Vlog, I also explained how long it actually takes for that cup of water you take to hydrate your vocal cords and what you can do to immediately hydrate your vocal cords. However, the method I provided is a very old-school home remedy, where things can be slightly messier. Now, with this Euyky Bear Steam Inhaler, life is gonna be much simpler!

So what exactly is a Euky Bear? A quick look at the bottle will have you think that it’s a kind of koala bear, but it isn’t (yes, I double-checked if there was such a koala breed). In fact, koalas are not even bears…LOL. I always forget that they are marsupials because they look so cuddly, and on the bottle, because of the word Euky Bear paired with that pic of that koala, it’s so easy to think Euky is indeed a koala.

Euky here is really derived from the word Eucalyptus, which is also provided as part of this steam inhaler. The product is Australian, so I guess that explains the koala. Using the eucalyptus along with this steam inhaler can do wonders to clear your nasal congestion and relief the discomforts of a sore and inflamed throat.

So how do we use this Euky Bear Steam Inhaler?

  1. Fill the bottle with hot water. Note: not boiling hot, just hot. Boiling water usually means boiling hot steam, which can burn your skin.
  2. Drop 2 – 3 drops of the eucalyptus into the bottle.
  3. Cover the bottle and then pop in the suction part at the top.
  4. Inhale!

It’s that simple. And it feels amazeballs.

It feels like you’re breathing in cooling fresh minty air and after steaming your vocal and nasal tract, along with your vocal cords, the nasal congestion clears up and your throat feels moist and less painful/uncomfortable. If you find the smell of the Eucalyptus too strong, you can do without it or drop less of it into the bottle. The fragrance is quite strong, and if you’re wondering what it smells like, it smells like the Vics Vapor Rub! And that’s because it also contains Eucalyptus as one of its key ingredients.


You can read up more on Eucalyptus and its benefits here.

To keep it simple though, Eucalyptus has antiseptic, anti-inflamatory and anti-bacterial properties, so it’s great. If you’re allergic to it for any reason, just skip this step of adding the eucalyptus.

So the next time you’re down with a cold or sorethroat, you know what to do. Let Euky Bear to come to the rescue! 😛

In case you’re wondering, this is not an ad, but simply something fantastic that I’ve come across by chance in the pharmacy and I thought is too good not to share with all of you singers, speakers and vocal enthusiasts.

Try it out and let me know how it goes!

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A Quick Remedy for Nasal Congestions, Sore Throats & Inflamed Vocal Cords