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I couldn’t manage any time to Vlog last week because of there wasn’t much light (it was pouring most of the days) and when I did have time in between work, it was dedicated to visiting and attending to Dino, our tough little Beagle who’s fighting for his life 🙁

I finally managed to squeeze in something today – this was done in a bit of a rush. But I realise I have to keep the videos going because quite a number of my subscribers have been messaging me, asking me what happened to me and when was the next video gonna be up! :O Part of me was a little stressed at first, but I’m mostly happy that you actually look forward to my posts – thanks for subscribing!

Some of my students are just completing their Vocal Mastery (Level 1) with me now at the Batcave Studio, and as usual, at the end of the course, we focus on performance, after having learnt all the vocal techniques required in Level 1. During this part of the course, I constantly have to remind my students, remember to use your emotions to drive your Vocal Gears & your technique, not the other way around. So I thought, why not Vlog about this?

HOW TO SING BETTER (More Emotionally)

Do you ever feel that your singing is really monotonous? Or that it sounds boring and emotionless?

Carrying a tune decently well (not singing off pitch and off tempo) is good, but even if we can do great vocal acrobats and still lack emotion in our singing, singing is kinda pointless. Most of the songs that we love are sung by singers who really “feel” it. Or at least, it sure sounds like they do.

And being able to sing emotionally and touch your audience, is by far, the most important thing a singer must be able to do. It is far more important than any vocal acrobats a singer can perform to show how great their singing is.

So if you wanna sing more emotionally (and not sound boring), you’re at the right place.

I’ve just dropped a Vlog to give you 3 ways you can fix that!

3 Ways To Sing More Emotionally

#1: Get Comfortable & Flexible (Use the Right Vocal Register)

One of the common mistakes that singers make when they sing & sound boring/monotonous, is singing with the wrong vocal register. When using the wrong vocal register, a singer will feel really uncomfortable (tightness, strain, choking, falling flat or singing too sharp & etc). Starting comfortable is VITAL in allowing a singer to sing emotionally. If the voice is at an uncomfortable place, it’s gonna also be inflexible – this makes it impossible for a singer to express himself/herself freely. Be sure to use a vocal register that sits comfortably in the notes required in the song you’re going to sing. Watch the Vlog as I use Wiz Khalifa ft Charlie Puth’s “See You Again” as an example. In it, I demonstrate what it’s like to use an uncomfortable vocal register vs. a comfortable one. Generally, using the chest register will be more comfortable for the lower notes, the mix or middle register for notes that are neither too high or low, and the head register for the higher notes. If you’re completely new to vocal registers, click here.


#2: Think “Volume Knob” (Add Vocal Dynamics)

Another thing you can do to help you sing better and sound more emotional is to think of your voice as if it’s got a volume knob to it (and you do). When trying to sound more emotional, it’s important to add dynamics to the voice – a change of volume to the voice. When we turn up and down the volume of our singing, depending on how we’re feeling the song, the dynamics stirs emotions. Singing loudly or softly all the way often contributes to boring singing, and being able to add vocal dynamics is usually what separates an amateur and professional singer (apart from many other vocal skills). Watch the video to get a better idea how to add dynamics to your singing. The key point is to increase the contrast between your soft and loud parts – very often singers who sound boring sing in the same volume through out the whole song.


#3: Let It Go (Add A Vocal Gear)

Get really emotional, let it sound in your voice by adding a vocal gear! If you’re completely new to vocal gears, click here. Vocal gears are natural sounds we already know how to make as human beings, and by tapping into those natural sounds and using them in our singing, it makes for more emotional singing and it also helps us sing a little more effortlessly with more character. In the video, using “See You Again” as the example, I demonstrated how we can use the vocal gear, Cry, to make a part of the song much more emotional. Try it out 🙂

Of course, there are more ways to sing better, but this is about all that I can fit into about 5 mins. Perhaps I’ll do a Part 2 to this the next time.

Have fun trying out these vocal tips and if you’ve got questions, just ask away.


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How To Sing Better (More Emotionally)