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Recently a student requested that I do a video on vocal placement. I thought it was a good idea, since a lot of vocal problems tend to arise when singers place their notes in places that are not ideal.

When it comes to vocal placement, we could talking about where to place the notes in your vocal mask, but we could also be talking about where to place them when it comes to the Vocal Registers.

For today, we’ll talk about the latter.

So let’s get started….

How can we sing all those notes comfortably?

We can do so by placing the notes we have to sing, in the right Vocal Registers.

If “Vocal Registers” sounds alien to you. It basically refers to the 4 different Vocal Registers that you have in your Vocal Range, or in layman terms, 4 different parts of your Vocal Range.

Every person has all 4 Vocal Registers.

The 4 Vocal Registers are:

  1. The Chest Voice / The Chest Register
  2. The Mix / The Middle Voice / The Middle Register
  3. The Head Voice / The Head Register
  4. The Whistle Register

Watch the video to know where these Vocal Registers resonate in your body and why they are named like that.

There is an effective way to feel what it’s like when you sing through all of your Vocal Registers – I’ve provided the example in the video. Simply by doing the Siren Vocal Exercise™, you can let take your voice from the middle/chest (depending on where you start from), to the bottom of your vocal range all the way to the top and back to your bottom. Pay attention to where your voice resonates as you are doing this exercise.

You should feel like the lower notes are resonating in your chest area (technically it’s not your chest, but more where your collar bones meet) and as you go higher, the not so high and not so low notes (middle/medium low and high) resonate more at your throat and mouth area, while your higher notes resonate more in your head area.

This exercise demonstrates how you can sing though your Vocal Range easily, if you place them in the right Vocal Registers.

High notes: Head Voice / Whistle Register (Depending on high they are)

Medium high/low notes: Mix / Middle Register

Low notes: Chest Voice

Watch the video to see how I used the guitar to illustrate what we’re doing with when we place our notes in the right Vocal Registers. I also used the guitar to illustrate what it is we’re doing, when we use the wrong Vocal Register to sing, and why it causes strain in our voices.

Now, I know all this may be confusing for you, if you’re completely new to Vocal Registers. Which is why I decided to show you what it’s like, using different Vocal Registers to sing a song – just check out the video. You’ll see what results you get when you use different Vocal Registers to sing the same notes and get a better idea as to why it is so important to use the right Vocal Registers to make singing easy and comfortable! 🙂

If you want to learn how to sing lower notes better specifically, check out my last Vlog.

On the other hand, if you wanna focus on how to sing high notes with power, just make sure you sign up for the 3 free singing video lessons through my website, www.unlockyourvoice.com.my/

As usual, if you’ve got questions, or there’s something you’d like me to talk about a certain topic, just post your comments below.

Have fun familiarising yourself with all your Vocal Registers and keep at it to expand your Vocal Range! 🙂

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How To Sing Notes Comfortably – Vocal Registers (Vlog)