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How to sing from your stomach?

That’s something everybody wants to know isn’t it? Because we hear it all the time, “Sing from your stomach, sing from your diaphragm! Use your stomach, use your diaphragm!”

Now I can tell you, that is utter bullshit. Why? 

Because the moment you breathe, or the moment you use your voice, you are already using your diaphragm. 

So, when people tell you that, it’s like, “What the hell are you talking about? I’m already using my diaphragm.”

Then, what is it that we really mean, when we say “Sing from your stomach or sing from your diaphragm”?

We are talking about singing with better vocal control. With better breathing.

How do we do this?

I have done a couple of videos on how to practice better breath control but here is one of which I have not talked about in this way. And it is the concept of which a singer must have, if you want to truly sing from your so-called “stomach” (sing with better vocal control).

It is the concept of Retaining Air vs Expelling Air.

Expelling air means you want to blast as much air as you can as you exhale while you sing. This is commonly perceived as the best way to sing with power. 

Many singers make the mistake of thinking, “Ok, if I take enough breath, or if I take a very deep breath and I push a lot of air out, then my volume is going to be louder”.

But this is not how the voice works.

If you want to sing louder, in fact, you have to retain air.

If I were to put a camera down your throat and look at your vocal chords, your vocal chords have to come together as you exhale – to sing a note. If there is too much air going through as you exhale, you can imagine those chords are going to have a hard time coming together. They’re probably be blasted apart, which is why your voice cracks.

Check out my example in the video above on how it’s like to sing via expelling and retaining air.

The next time you want sing from your stomach or from diaphragm or sing with better vocal control, all you need to do is think of retaining air. 

If you’ve got any questions, I’m here to help. Post them below.

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How to sing well
How To Sing From Your Stomach (How To Really Sing)