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I thought it’s about time I talked about this – the Whistle Register! 🙂

Many people have asked me about how to sing those high whistle notes, and some have even wondered if it’s really possible for them to sing in the Whistle Register. Others are convinced that only women can access the whistle register, and who can blame them when it seems like female singers (such as Minnie Ripperton, Mariah Carey & Ariana Grande) are what popularised whistle singing?

The truth?

The whistle register is not reserved only for women, and men have proven that they can do it too.

Motivated yet? Muahahahah….

And the best thing is, the ability to sing in the whistle register does not depend on what special type of vocal cords you have – it depends on your ability to control and somewhat “isolate” the vibration of your vocal cords.

Check out my video as I explain the mechanisms that happen when we sing in other vocal registers as compared to the whistle register. When we sing in the whistle register, our vocal cords do not vibrate at it’s full length as they normally do in our other vocal registers. Instead, they only vibrate at the anterior part.

Ergo, as long as you can zip up your cords and let it vibrate only at the anterior, you can most definitely sing in your whistle register! 🙂

Alright, so let’s get down to business….



Step 1: Use Your Head Resonance

The whistle register resonates at the head area, pretty much where your head voice resonates too. It is important to place your notes here when trying to sing in the whistle register. To get a better idea of how it feels like when you’re using your head resonance, try doing a high-pitched yawn, or pretend to be an opera singer – the voice would feel like it’s sitting or vibrating mostly at the head area, instead of the mouth or chest area. Watch the video to have a better idea. If you are totally new to what vocal registers are on the other hand, check this out.


Step 2: Keep Throat Muscles Relaxed

The higher we sing, the more relaxed our throat (and neck muscles) have to be.

Very often, when singers struggle to sing any higher, they are often dragging their chest voices up in to their higher vocal range – which causes a lot of strain & pain, while sounding terrible. Instead of dragging any of the other vocal registers any higher or lower than they should be, it’s better to let your voice change vocal registers – it helps us sing more flexibly, with less strain and more power.

Use a mirror to check if you’re dragging your vocal register up, instead of changing registers. Usually, when your sides of your throat/neck start to tense up and bulge out, it’s an indication that you’re doing just that. So as you sing higher and higher, remember to let your voice rise and resonate in your head area by keeping your throat muscles relaxed all the way through.


Step 3: Zip Up Your Vocal Cords 

(Allow only a fraction, the anterior part to vibrate)

By zipping up our vocal cords gently, and concentrating only on allowing the vibration to happen at the anterior part of the cords, we’ll be able to produce the high-pitched whistle notes. This is the mechanism required to sing in the whistle register.

How do we zip them up, exactly?

You could liken it to the sensation you feel when you are holding your breath, GENTLY. The keyword here is “gently”. Check out the video to have a clearer idea.

The idea is to sing with this sensation of zipping your cords up gently, as you go higher and higher into your vocal range. Watch the video to see how you can apply this 🙂


So there you go! 3 quick steps to singing in the whistle register.

Like any of the other vocal registers, we get better at singing in those registers by actually using them more often. So, get yourself in the habit of using all your registers more, and especially the whistle, if that’s the part of your vocal range you so desire.

Anything is possible if only you’d set it as a goal to accomplish! 😀

Happy practising!

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How To Sing Whistle Notes (Whistle Register)