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Just recently, I was invited to perform at Montblanc’s¬†private preview of their heritage Chronometrie and Boheme collection…and man, were they sexy!

It’s not my first time singing for one their launches, and yet, I gotta admit, I’m always impressed with their line of products. Still, I wasn’t aware that they were known for their watches too until this event. Needless to say, the first thing I did when I got there, while the musicians were setting up for our soundcheck, was to check out the watches.

Somehow, “Starry starry night…” automatically came to mind the moment I saw them ūüėõ

While some of the watches were displayed to be admired by guests, there were some kept backstage, in case any guests wanted to take one of those watches home immediately (and they did). ¬†It so happened that¬†the¬†backstage for the night was a little ballroom at the other end of the performance venue, the very same place my team and I were asked to wait before and in between our performances. So, we were really, REALLY close to those precious stock of watches…muahahahha.

But of course, they were guarded. I would guard them myself if I was Montblanc that night ūüėČ

There was a security guard in the room the whole night to make sure the watches were safe – smart move. The watches can turn a saint into a kleptomaniac, if you know what I mean.

Nevertheless, my musicians and I kept ourselves busy, talking about Wilson’s (my keyboardist¬†for the night) fashionable outfit ¬†– his leopard print bow tie and ‘kick-ass’ shoes. I knew then, that he was gonna steal the show the whole night. Everyone would be busy looking at the watches, if not at his shoes, rather than me. *sigh*

We ran through one of the songs we were gonna do that night. During the ‘rehearsal’ (albeit a short one)¬†I immediately felt that we were rehearsing the song in a higher key than the original. True enough, we were.¬†We only played and sang it in the original key live later… I confirmed this because both sessions were recorded.

Why am I even talking about this? ūüėõ

This just proves yet again, that it really is possible to feel where the notes are in your voice, and just as there are keys located for different notes on the piano, there are also different places/spots in the voice for different notes to be sung. The places/spots can be felt in your various vocal registers (your chest voice, your mix or middle register and your head voice) and your vocal mask.

Learning to trust what you feel (these spots) when you sing is not easy, but it can come in real handy.

Sometimes when a band plays really loudly behind you, or the sound guy’s not doing his job well balancing the levels on stage, as a singer, you might¬†find it really difficult to hear yourself, IF you can hear yourself at all. LOL.

Not being able to hear ourselves when we sing can easily lead to singing out of tune, or even straining¬†the voice (because of over-singing). In situations like that, the first thing that should be done is to make sure the levels of all the instruments (including your mic) is readjusted, but when it’s not possible to do it just yet, remembering where those notes are supposed to be¬†placed in your mask, or head register & etc as you sing can help you stay in tune ūüėČ

I guess you could liken it to¬†playing a piano (or other musical instruments), as long as you play the right key or chords (the ones you know you’re supposed to play), you shouldn’t be playing out of key at any point – whether or not you can hear what it is you’re playing.

Aah…one of the wonders of the human voice ūüôā

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