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So, I have started this new habit of posting stuff close to or after midnight…muahahahah 😛

Part of the reason’s because I’m quite an owl – I feel like I come alive when the sun goes down and simply love staying up whenever I can.

But the other reason why’s because I’ve realised that most of you have been watching my Vlogs are finding it hard to play the video, what more follow the exercises (practice them out loud shamelessly) when I post them earlier in the day (while you’re at work).

I figured if I was dropping a Vlog on vocal tips, I should just do whatever it takes to make it easier for you to practice along immediately 🙂 So I hope you’re still awake, right now! And that your neighbours are not gonna kill you for doing this now. LOL.

I was on NTV7’s Bella Unwind, just recently. Yes, again 😛

This time I shared what singing can do for you, when it comes to relieving you of stress!

The act of singing itself, releases endorphins. And endorphins are “feel good” chemicals released from our brains. It’s kinda like Morphine (the effects), but it doesn’t make you addicted. How great is that? And it’s FREE!!!

Singing also releases oxytocins, hormones of which are known as “love hormones”. They are sometimes referred to as “bonding hormones” as well. So, be careful who you sing with all the time…because you might unintentionally develop “feelings” for that someone! Eek! But that doesn’t mean you should ban your lover from singing with someone else, of course. No relationship should be that insecure! 🙂

Most people, despite knowing the benefits of singing, are terrified of singing. But even if you sing terribly, you would already experience the benefits of singing – endorphins, oxytocins and even a good  lung workout. However, if you’re terribly embarrassed about your singing or you experience a lot of difficulty or strain while singing, these unpleasant feelings can distract you from the benefits of singing.

And because of that, I decided to share some vocal tips on how to improve your singing – so you don’t have to be afraid and can get yourself started in this stress-relieving habit!

Watch the video as I talk about vocal breaks (when you voice cracks, or suddenly has an abrupt change in tone quality), how to overcome it and expand your vocal range.

I also touch on the Vocal Trinity™, the 3 parts of the voice you have to engage in to get the best out of your voice & Vocal Registers – how to use your different voices in singing and speaking.

If you’re wondering what are the benefits of learning how to sing in a group and individually, just check out the video, and while you’re at it, find out how studies have shown that singing even increases the life expectancy of choral singers!

The voice is gift from God, and singing is a gift you can give yourself.

Just do it.

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“Singing Your Stress Away!”, featured on NTV7 Bella Unwind