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Unlock Your Voice™

Singing is supposed to be easy.

Apply the vocal technique that taps into your natural ability to sing.

Watch the following video for a demonstration on how it works and what it can do for you.

Unlock your voice, completely.

You were born to sing.

The voice wasn’t made just for speaking, but to make music.

Only when we use our voices to make music (or in other words, sing) will our voices be able to take it’s full form – not only in song, but also in our everyday speech.

Singing is not reserved only for those bestowed with great pipes or great musical talent, but for anyone with a human voice.

There are natural sounds of which we already know how to make as human beings of which can be used in singing. The ‘Unlock Your Voice’ Vocal Technique helps you tap into these natural sounds (your vocal gears), to make singing incredibly easy, effortless, dynamic and powerful.

Draw out that mighty voice within you. Let’s get it started!

Janice is the author of “Unlock Your Voice – The Secrets to Singing”, creator of the “Unlock Your Voice” vocal technique & head vocal coach of Life Academy.

Janice is also an award-winning vocalist and songwriter with experience in singing-songwriting, radio-announcing, TV presenting, musical theatre & voice-overs.

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What others are saying:


– Simon Blackwell

Wow. Simply wow. I’ve been singing for a long time and took singing lessons before, but this is no conventional singing course. I never thought singing could be this easy and didn’t know how to take my singing to the next level until I learnt about the vocal gears in this programme. The results have been amazing and my friends and family can’t believe what has happened to my voice.


“A very effective & comprehensive course.” 

– Stephen Ashford

I really enjoyed this course! I’ve taken several other singing courses before but the techniques taught in Unlock Your Voice were really something else, and they were taught so clearly and concisely that I could see improvements in my singing in a pretty short amount of time. Two thumbs up for this course. Money well spent.


“Absolutely great!” 

– Liz Gabriel

Exactly what I’ve been looking for! The program is so easy to understand and so easy to follow. This is absolutely worth every penny. Janice is such a joy to watch with a great voice. Hope I could meet you some day.. highly recommended!!

“Voicing out your dreams!” 


Perfect for those who don’t have the time or are too shy to “voice” out their dreams of singing!! An extremely detailed course to unlocking your voice and step by step guide to learning the secrets to singing! Great guidance and love the live recordings by the instructor!! Worth every penny!! Incredibly inspiring!

“Worth every penny.”

– Kristie White

Finally, a singing programme that actually covers everything a singer needs to know. This course is intense, but I’ve really managed to get my voice out. I am so happy to find my head voice and mix. My vocal range is now wider, much wider than I could have ever imagined, all thanks to Janice. This course was fun, engaging, and most of all, effective. Singing has never been more fun.


“Never thought it would be this easy to sing.” 

– Kenny

I like the style and results. Best of all, this course is way different than any others I’ve taken because of the fun factor. Can’t wait to surprise everyone at the next gathering.

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