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Just a few months back, I was featured on BernamaTV’s “Bernama Today”.

This time around, I was invited back for their evening show, “Hello Malaysia” 🙂

Vocal Coach Janice Yap BernamaTV

It was an interview on my experiences, my book, “Unlock Your Voice – The Secrets to Singing” and how I ventured into Vocal Coaching.

I was pleasantly surprised to have met and be interviewed by Gerard, who was also a Radio DJ himself many years back. The show was aired last Friday and again this morning at 2am. If you’ve missed it, there’s still a chance to catch the replay at the following times:

Dec 19th, Today: 3.30pm
Dec 20th, Tuesday: 10.30am
Dec 21st, Wednesday: 7.30pm

All may have seemed okay as the interview was going on, but just before the show, I was in one hell of a dilemma! LOL.

What happened was, I had falsies on from a shoot that I had done earlier in the day. And as I was on my way to Wisma Bernama, where their TV station was, I noticed that the one on my right eye was starting to come off at the outer edge. I ransacked my bag, only to have it dawn upon me that I did not have any eyelash glue to secure it back. You can imagine my horror.

So I did the unthinkable.

I decided I would rip both my falsies off, since I prefered myself without them anyway.


I started with the on my left eye. Don’t even ask me why I decided to ruin the “good eye” instead of the one that was already ruined. I wasn’t thinking straight, that’s for sure. I managed to tear it off from the outer edge of the eye, but couldn’t go any further because the rest was stuck to my lashes and it hurt real bad. Seriously, what was I thinking?

And so I ended up with two half-dangling falsies on both eyes! OMG. I didn’t have a make up remover to finish “ripping” them both off, and neither did I have the glue to secure them properly. It was a nightmare.

When I arrived at BernamaTV, I called my friend Dessy, who organised the interview and explained my trouble. Yes, it was kind of embarrassing (very), but I figured it was better to be upfront about it so I could solve the problem before we go on air, otherwise I’d have to leave it that way only to distract Gerard all the way through and pray for no close-up shots. However, it turned out that Dessy wasn’t going to be there, although she was a darling about it, suggesting very unconventional ways to solve the problem (like using rice, LOL). So I turned to Genevieve, the producer of the show, for help instead. Obviously, I had to tell her my problem too and repeat the embarrasment. I wasn’t so surprised that Gerard hadn’t notice my unusual lashes when we shook hands to introduce ourselves earlier, but was kinda suprised that Geneveive didn’t – most of us women have eagle eyes for this sort of stuff. Perhaps she was just being an angel.

Anyway, so Genevieve was super and brought me to the make-up artiste in the powder room, to help sort me out before the show. For a moment, I thought to myself, yay…but guess what? Turns out the make-up artiste too, does not have any eyelash glue or make-up remover! I had a fleeting moment of hope only to be crushed.

Seriously #notmyday.

Thankfully, for some miraculous reason, the half-hanging falsies on both my eyes had began to settle. For some reason, they didn’t look like they were hanging on for dear life on my real lashes anymore, and seemed natural – never have I ever felt so “pleasantly” surprised. Thank God for gravity.

Janice Yap TV Presenter & Radio DJ

Janice Yap Emcee

In conclusion, if I can ever again, I’d never turn up for an event or an interview with any falsies again! And if I have to, I’d always first double-check if I have eyelash glue or make-up remover with me again. In the entertainment industry, having falsies for stage performance and photoshoots are pretty normal, but I’ve always disliked them and have prefered to go without. I’d pick eyelash extensions over them anytime for sure. Or just plain old-fashioned mascara 🙂

That said, the whole “dilemma” reminded me about how important it is to free ourselves from all these unnecessary distractions when having to speak, perform or present in front of others. Had I already been super anxious with stage fright before the show and this dilemma had occured, I’d be a wreck on the show. Thankfully, I do not experience much stage fright symptoms and there are ways to train yourself to deliver a vocal performance powerfully despite any symptoms of stage fright and feelings of “unsettlement” prior to the show. Needless to say, they are effective and they are things of which I equip each of my student with to excel in their own vocal performances – for both public speaking & singing.

I had a really good time on BernamaTV despite the “drama” beforehand. Finding out after the show that that the crew really enjoyed the session too, made my day 🙂

Vocal Coach Janice Yap on BernamaTV

With the crew of BernamaTV’s “Hello Malaysia” after my interview.




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Janice Yap on BernamaTV’s “Hello Malaysia”