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“Singing – either you have it or you don’t”.

Many people think that, but the truth is, anyone can sing.

The voice works in the same way, although we don’t sound exactly the same – for a number of reasons.

Find out how anyone can sing, and the truth about being tone deaf and singing out of pitch. In this session I did on NTV7, I also introduced the vocal techniques of “Unlock Your Voice – The Secrets to Singing”.

Lisa asked a good question, “So what is the lock here (what is there to unlock in the voice)?”

The lock is bad vocal habits developed over time as we start to use our voices unnaturally as we grow older – these bad habits inhibit our ability to sing as easily and as well as we should. They are also usually result of our living environment – very often, society conditions us to not use the voice the way it was meant to be used when we were born.

When we first born, all of us had the ability to cry really loudly – we practically belted (cried loudly, as divas and rockstars do when they belt those high notes) ourselves in to this world.

If you’re wondering what correlation we can possibly draw from a baby’s cry to a diva/rockstar’s belting, watch my demonstration in the video. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to use the voice to belt (sing and sustain high notes with power)- because we already knew how to do it from the very start!

So, it’s a matter of remembering our God-given ability to sing! 😀

How can you train yourself to unlock your voice or your singing potential? There’s an effective way to work this out – start first by building a strong foundation for the voice to work at it’s best (work on the Vocal Trinity™), then work on expanding your Vocal Range & Vocal Connection and then we move on to working your Vocal Gears™.  Vocal Gears™ help you tap into your natural ability to sing  – it works for any human voice, and you don’t need years and years of experience to learn how to sing in those gears. You only need good vocal examples to follow, and some sensitivity to be conscious of the sounds you’re making, and how it feels like when you’re making those sounds, to be able to engage in those Vocal Gears, whenever you want. Which is exactly why, the Unlock Your Voice™ Vocal Technique works for singers from all ages and genders, despite whatever their level of singing experience or training may be.

Watch the video to find out what the Vocal Gears™ are and what different vocal results you can achieve when you sing those different gears!

As for your vocal range, check out the part where I talk about the Vocal Registers, which will help you understand how to access your full Vocal Range.

At the end of the session, I sang Billie Holiday’s “Am I Blue”, to demonstrate what sort of vocal results you can achieve from the Unlock Your Voice™ Vocal Technique. Check it out.

If you wanna get started on my vocal technique to bring your singing to new level, here are a few ways to go about it:

  1. Get the book here. The book includes audio tracks for you to practice with, and a few videos to teach you how to practice good breath control. These audio tracks and videos are downloadable.
  2. Bring me to your home, learn how to unlock your voice and singing potential through my online programme here. The online programme is a series of videos (pretty much like having on-going singing lessons at home), with audio files to practice with, notes to revise what you’ve learnt and quizzes to test your knowledge. Both the audio files and notes are downloadable. Once you sign up for the programme, you’ll have a life time access to it – you can play, pause and rewind all you like.
  3. Join us for a Vocal Discovery Lesson. Contact us here.

Okay, gotta go…if you’ve got any questions, you know what to do – post them below.

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