Will vocal training make me sound like an opera singer?
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And…the answer is no ūüôā

Not unless you want to.

As a vocal coach, this question, “Will vocal training make me sound like an opera singer” is a question I get asked very often. It’s also a question I myself have asked, before I took vocal training myself – not because I didn’t or don’t fancy classical or opera singing myself, but simply because I didn’t want to sing every song sounding like an opera¬†singer would.

Check out my example in the video, singing ‘Fallin’ by Alicia Key’s in a classical way vs a more natural way of singing that sounds closer to my speaking voice.

You can sing and sound more classical (more like an opera singer) or less classical and more natural (in a tone that is closer to your speaking voice). You should be able to do both, with vocal training, and neither ways are right or wrong – rather, it’s a matter of which sound or style of singing you prefer.

Vocal Training is suppose to give you as many vocal options as possible – allowing you to decide on your sound, and further develop your own signature sound and style of singing, not limit you to sing or sound in any particular way.

So fear not! With proper vocal training, you should be able to increase the richness of your voice – in tone, power, flexibility, control and of course, in the diversity of your sound. Increasing the ‘wealth’ of your voice in this sense, that is to make available to yourself as many vocal options as possible, is what allows you to express yourself better as a singer.

I’ll be demonstrating how to apply some vocal techniques that can¬†open up more vocal options for you LIVE at Vocalism, on 1st December 2015 at Life Academy. Drop me your name and email address to reserve a seat!

In the mean time, any questions? Ask away below ūüėČ


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Will vocal training make me sound like an opera singer?
Will vocal training make me sound like an opera singer? (Vlog)